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A woman who is trying to improve herself as a person, a mother, a researcher, a learner, a dreamer. At present, me and my amazing husband are growing up with our toddler son. In between, I work as a post doctoral researcher in Microbiology. I sing and I write whenever I feel it from my heart. I keep learning whatever life teaches me. I have a starting problem as in, I am reluctant to take initiative. But whenever I am in the arena (either willingly or pushed), I give in my best.

Voice of Swarnalee Dutta

How Both Jayalalithaa And Rekha Dealt With Pain Teaches Us Something

Jayalalithaa and Rekha, two women in the limelight for most of their lives, have some startling similarities, especially in the way they dealt with pain.

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The Adishakti Who Heralds Maa Durga [#ShortStory]

As a prostitute, at the will and whim of any paying client, Sitara and many like her have become straw, bamboo, clay and mud from inside. Tough, yet numb.

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Be The Beauty You Are Born To Be [#ShortStory]

Beauty is more in your mind - if you think you are beautiful, you are, and will appear beautiful to everyone! Beautiful in every size!

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Lessons Of Life I Will Teach My Child Inspired By Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the god of knowledge. Here are a few life lessons from the story of Ganesha that this mother would like her child to learn.

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Lessons On Freedom For Women From South Korea, Whose National Libertion Day Falls On 15th August Too!

The author speaks about the everyday, simple freedom for women in South Korea, that she feels is sorely missing from patriarchal Indian society.

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If Valmiki Had Been A Woman, Would Women In The Ramayana Be Different?

So how would the Ramayana be if Valmiki had been a woman? A feminist look at the themes that speaks of strong women in the Ramayana.

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A Letter About The Importance Gender Equality From A Father To His Son [#Father’sDaySpecial]

"Almost spontaneously I looked for you, fear in my heart thinking I have raised another me in my son." A letter from a father who realizes the importance of gender equality.

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The ‘Chemical Locha’ That Guided My Choices According To The Values My Mom Had Instilled In Me

The 'chemical locha' (just like Munnabhai MBBS suffered from) that I suspected was actually my mother's life lessons that was guiding my choices!

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Why I Think The Motherhood Challenge Should Not Have Hurt Anyone

Here is why I think why the Motherhood Challenge should not hurt anyone, why we should take it in our stride.

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How Becoming A Mother Taught Me To Look At My Relationships With New Eyes

Becoming a mother can wrought miraculous changes in a woman. A wonderful look at different relationships through the eyes of a new mother.

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