Sumana Ganguly

A communication professional, I Iove to stay positive, cheerful and experience life in all its essence. A strong believer in gender equality and women's rights.

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Emerge A Successful Work From Home Professional With These 5 Essential Tips And Tactics

Are you a work from home professional or considering the option of becoming one? These essential tips and tactics will help you stay focused and ace your work.

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herbs and spices for weight loss
Let’s Do It the Natural Way: 10 Herbs & Spices That Can Help Weight Loss

Reducing weight helps in preventing lifestyle diseases, and you can do it the natural way. There are many herbs and spices for weight loss that can be used in your daily diet.

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A Quick Primer For Hypertrophy, A Fitness Program That Can Make You Feel Sexier!

Hypertrophy is a fitness program that works on the basis of weight training and improving muscles, thus increasing metabolism. The payoff - feeling sexier!

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The Journey [Short Story]

'The Journey' is a short story about two women who have a wrong impression of each other, until they are are forced to sit together on a train journey.

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It’s Time To Change The Regressive Role Of Women In TV Soaps!

The role of women in TV soaps in India is primarily to thwart the goals of male characters or gang up against other women. It's high time to change and get real!

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The Pursuit Of Happiness: Laxmi’s Story

How to be happy or find love seems to be the most important question to a human being. But on a closer look, maybe it's not too difficult.

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Belaseshe: A Heart Warming Take on Marriage and More [Movie Review]

Bengali movie Belaseshe is heart-warming examination of Indian marriages and all that can go wrong when a couple takes the relationship for granted.

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3 Tips On How To Maintain Individuality After Marriage

Marriage is an important event in our lives. Here are 3 tips on how to maintain individuality after marriage. This is important. We need our true selves.

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