Let’s Do It the Natural Way: 10 Herbs & Spices That Can Help Weight Loss

Reducing weight helps in preventing lifestyle diseases, and you can do it the natural way. There are many herbs and spices for weight loss that can be used in your daily diet.

Reducing weight helps in preventing lifestyle diseases, and you can do it the natural way. There are many herbs and spices for weight loss that can be used in your daily diet.

With obesity becoming a major health issue and a root cause of several health problems, losing weight and getting slimmer is the in thing.

While there are many ways of losing weight, going natural by means of the right herbs and spices is the most effective and harmless process of weight loss. The results that you achieve might not be faster than the ones you get through supplements or rigorous dieting, but the results will stay for long and cause you no accompanying harm.

So, here is a list of the top 10 herbs and spices for weight loss worth considering.


A very popular holiday spice, cinnamon can effectively aid in your weight loss plans by virtue of its many benefits. It balances the sugar level in your blood and reduces your cravings for carbohydrates by making you feel fuller for a long time. As a result, even a little bit of it daily reduces your carbohydrate intake and ensures that you lose weight. You can have cinnamon by adding it to tea, plain yogurt, cottage cheese and of course, your regular oatmeal.


Garlic has been working as an essential herb for weight loss since very old times. It helps in burning body fat as a result of which, you can reduce weight naturally and in a controlled way. A piece of garlic every morning on an empty stomach can bring you several health benefits and is highly recommended only if the pungent smell of the raw herb doesn’t bother you.


A favorite spice that is a part of almost all Indian dishes is found to be helping significantly in losing weight too. Also called the ‘warming spice’, it increases body heat and thereby, boosts metabolism. Sprinkling a pinch of turmeric in your veggies, stews, and soups is, therefore, a welcome idea.


Now, this one is a tasty herb that also comes with several health benefits, out of which, weight loss happens to be the primary one. Peppermint works wonder in removing the toxins from your body, reducing bloat and aiding in digestion. You can have peppermint tea or simply take it as a supplementary essential oil as a part of your daily diet.

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Black Pepper

Black Pepper is yet another herb that helps you lose weight faster and in a very effective way. This is because black pepper contains Piperine, which not only helps your body burn calories via thermo-genesis but also allows more efficient utilization of the nutrients that you take.


This green herb that is mostly used in garnishing your dishes has various other benefits. Parsley effectively reduces the glucose content in your blood, thereby controlling your appetite. It processes your consumed food in a way that it turns into energy rather than being stored as fat.


A tasty add-on that makes your burgers and fries taste better, mustard seeds also have a thermo generic effect and therefore, helps you in losing weight. It enables your body to burn more calories in the process of digestion of the food. Add a bit of mustard here and there in your daily diet and fasten up your weight loss process.


Ginger is yet another popular herb that is proved to be fighting obesity and helping in visible weight loss. It boosts metabolism by as much as 20%, which in turn, speeds up the calorie burning process. Additionally, it also has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and very active appetite-suppressant properties, all of which promotes weight loss.


Dandelions, apart from being beautiful looking weeds, are also rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals and Vitamin K. It effectively reduces your weight by slowing down your digestive process and making you feel a lack of appetite for a long time. With beta-carotene, it also protects your liver by attacking free radicals.


A perennial herb with green needle-like leaves is finding its place in a lot of recipes these days and it is found to be helping in losing weight as well. Rosemary, which is also available and can be consumed in the form of Rosemary Tea, is rich in the enzyme called lipase. It is this enzyme that breaks down the fat molecules, thereby, helping you in getting slimmer. Further, the fiber content in it prevents fat absorption and makes you feel fuller and a loss of appetite without any possible side-effects.

So, now that you have a pretty long list of herbs and spices that can help you lose weight naturally, make them a part of your daily diet and see the results they bring.

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