Sujata Rajpal

I gave up my day job as a Corporate Communication & PR professional to become a full-time author. I have been writing for journals for the past many years. Fiction writing is the new addiction. My debut novel The Other End of the Corridor published in Jan 2015 was well received which motivated me to dive deeper into the literary world . My second book and my first non-fiction work as the compiler and editor of my mother's autobiography was published in March 2022.

Voice of Sujata Rajpal

Neena Gupta
Sach Kahun Toh, Neena Gupta’s Candid And Straight From The Heart Autobiography

Neena Gupta on her trials, tribulations and living life on her own terms with tonnes of empathy and grace

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How My Grandmother Learnt To Read And Write

This was a trigger enough for granny to start her journey towards literacy but she wanted to do it secretly, not sure what the reason was.

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Keeping New Year Resolutions Is Not Just About ‘Willpower’ – Here’s How To Keep It Real

Keeping new year resolutions is incredibly hard for most of us. But, we can get better at it. Here's how!

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curfew timings
Curfew Timings For Students – What Do Their Mothers Want?

Will imposing curfew timings on students really achieve anything? Mothers of college students give their opinion on the matter, which swings both ways.

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‘On Call’ Grandparents: How Indian Families Are Striking A New & Fulfilling Equation

Grandparents can be a great substitute for parents in many cases, especially in India where families are generally closer knit. A look at this trend.

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social media
Wall, Wall On Facebook… Who Is The Fairest Of Us All?

Social media is a wild animal which can do amazing stuff but if we allow it to run amok then it can scrape us of our happiness. It is up to us to Like or React to it.

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We’ve Come A Long Way From Scary Papaji! Here Are The Cool Dads

The cool dads of today are a far cry from the remote and (sometimes) scary fathers of yesteryear. Here's a look at modern day dads, gearing up for their fair share of parenting.

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“Mom, I Am Sorry, I Failed You” – The Not-90-Percent Child Matters Too

With Board exam results out, its important to acknowledge your child's work, regardless of whether he or she scored that elusive 90 percent.

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good mother
How To Be A Good Mother? By Changing 4 Things About Yourself To Be A Happier Human Being!

Mothers need to become a little selfish and think of their own needs, not always be the good mother that society expects them to be. The only way to be happy!

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Short Clothes, Midnight Or Western Culture: Nothing Gives You The Right To Excuse Molestation

From blaming women's clothes to Western culture for the recent harassment of women in Bengaluru, our politicians are shaming the country with their misogynistic statements.

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Letter To A Daughter: Why Does No Parent Write A Letter To A Son?

So many people who feel compelled to write a letter to a daughter. Why aren't anyone writing similar letters to their sons? Don't sons need to know all that, too?

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Jayanthi Ballal: From Two Sewing Machines To Mysore Fashion Week Owner

In this candid interview Jayanthi Ballal talks about her journey from owing just a small tailoring unit to being the owner of Mysore Fashion Week.

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Vani Venkataram, The Octogenarian Social Worker Who Refuses To Stop Working

Vani Venkataram, who has spent 42 years working for the welfare of women and children in rural Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, still believes she has much to contribute.

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Why A Mother With A Life Of Her Own Makes A Better Mother

Mothers need a life of their own - not just for the sake of their own happiness but also because, only a happy mother can raise a happy child.

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One Scoop Of Chocolate Mousse

What you love can hold you captive, but it can also free you. Here's a story about being free to love yourself, warts and all.

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