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In love, my love! Writing... Currently working in Bangalore. Loves music, books, poems and to visit exotic places. Feel free to like/comment/share my post if you like it!! My best vacation so far - California, San Francisco

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If You Have A Problem With My Dusky Colour, Deal With It!

People of the subcontinent certainly show a regrettable preference for a fair complexion, choosing it over a dusky colour. Are you going to let it affect your self-esteem? No way!

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It Hurts To Feel Us Grow Apart, Dad!

The poem below showcases the pain a young woman feels about the changing relationship between her and her dad. She hurts, yet needs to move away for her own sanity.

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Is Some Spark Missing In That Shopping Expedition? Incompetent Sales People Might Be The Reason

Marketers often use the feel-good-factor-magic of a really good session of shopping to increase sales, but it doesn't happen when shoppers have to deal with incompetent sales people.

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