A Letter To Myself On My 31st Birthday

Paromita Bardoloi writes a letter to herself on her 31st birthday. And it's quite interesting. Have a look.

Paromita Bardoloi writes a letter to herself on her 31st birthday. And it’s quite interesting. Have a look.

Dear Paromita,

It’s your birthday today. It’s 12.22 pm. And you are absolutely doing nothing, apart from the routine work. But then darling, it’s okay. Isn’t there a pressure these days to do something? Like the social media pressure to do something, to find something? Hasn’t everyone who called asked you, what’s your plan? And today, my darling you have no plans, Isn’t that freedom? Sometimes freedom is not planning the moment. Let the moment be.

Darling, now that you are stepping into a new decade, things might change, some things might not. Here are a few things; you need to check out for!

Let go of what has served its purpose

20s were when you explored, you wanted it all. But you have also learnt what worked for you and what did not. But you picked a lot along the last decade. Darling, now that you are tad bit older and wiser, do you really need all that you have picked up. That also includes that dress you got in college. May be you need to really think about keeping it in your closet. I do understand that you have stayed as a hosteller for long. But now, can we really work on your dresses. Let’s get some shawls, a black dress and a high heel, also a nice purse. Do you really need Mom, to remind you of your dresses each day? You look beautiful in nice dresses, go live life the beautiful way. A well dressed woman, at 30, means a woman who knows to take care of herself.

Letting go means also the people, who make you drained, unhappy and feel low about life. Darling, 30 years have gone by, another will too. Not worth keeping what makes you toxic. You exactly know, what I mean. Breath and let go. It has served its purpose.

Get your finances in order

Baby, I understand money is not the end of it all. But money is very important. It gives you power to choose. You are lucky, you need not need to support anyone. But build your finances well. Remember that story of the ant and the grasshopper. Right! Make hay while the sun is shining. Winters comes to all. If you are financially stable, life is always much easier. To be an independent woman, is also to have your finances in place.

Work for a legacy

No, don’t frown. Legacy doesn’t mean you got to be Mother Teresa or Oprah Winfrey. Also, you need not wait to be 70. Do it today, in your small little way. Want to educate a kid, go pay the bills. Do what you can, that will stay even after you are gone. Work from it today. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Go back to your childhood dream. Invest on it. Take the first step. The Universe will take care of it. It will take care. I know, it takes courage, because the fear of failure or of letting go of a dream is hard. But, let’s give it a chance. Let is not die with you. And you know the golden rule, that discipline is the key of manifesting your desire. Can you get up a little early from today?

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You have this tendency of taking your family for granted. Your mom is getting old. I repeat, Mom is getting old. Turn the tables. Take care of her. Still now, it’s she and the family who is still taking care of you. May be it’s time, to take little more in your plate.

Social Media

Congratulations. You almost made a career of your writings on Social Media. Accept the fact that, it helped you a lot. Great. Good going. But you already know, the flip side to it. It’s not real. People fight over petty issues. People unfriend over a disagreement. People take themselves, too seriously. There are self proclaimed, “I am only right’ kind of people. Know the difference between social media and real life. In social media you can get a 100 likes for each post, but when you need to go to the bank, you have to wait in the line of 100 people. So, dear that’s real life. Having a smart phone and tweeting in a cold night is not funny or wise. Get yourself a warm room, food to eat and warm clothes then tweet, that’s real life. Remember sweetheart, no matter how popular you are on social media, you got to pay your bills, go to the doctor and stand in queue, that real life. Have friends you can meet and hug. Balance life. You will walk a long way. You are doing a great job, with it. Let it work to your own advantage. Be selfish.

Also, you need not join every battle you are invited on social media. You can always ignore. Like you did today. You know, whose posts I am talking about.

Good girl!

So dear, this is what I thought I should say to you. Rest, we can talk later. Remember I stay with you. Nothing is hidden. Last piece of advice- Nothing is sexier than a woman comfortable with herself. Be that woman!

Much love,

Stay blessed,

Your Mirror!

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