It Hurts To Feel Us Grow Apart, Dad!

Posted: December 23, 2015

The poem below showcases the pain a young woman feels about the changing relationship between her and her dad. She hurts, yet needs to move away for her own sanity.

It’s a phase in relationships many go through. I have tried to create an impact by writing it in the first person. It shows that women can be strong and handle difficult situations, even though they may be hurting inside.

I remember the days when,

You took me into your arms,

Kissed my forehead every night.

Staying awake till I dozed off to sleep.

You woke up before sunrise,

Only to see if I am safe and sound.

Waiting to hear the bed spring bounce,

Embracing me to feel my warmth.


Days passed; years rolled by,

Aloof and cold we felt.

The changes within us,

Caused distance between us.

We both stayed under the same roof,

Like strangers down the lane;

Sharing nothing in common,

Staring at each other every day.


Our wavelengths no more matched,

Our likes were poles apart.

Pretending to enjoy each other’s company;

We stayed under the same roof.

The walls spoke about our differences,

The roof spoke about our distance.

Silently bearing we patiently stood,

Under the same roof.


I noticed when you felt low,

But never came out with words.

Your expressions translated your inner feeling.

Yet I couldn’t comfort you,

It being no more my job.

There I stood standstill,

Experiencing the same feeling within.


“I have grown up” that’s the fact.

I moved with the change.

But felt helpless;

As I watched your emotions stuck

“Please grow up Appa,” I whispered;

As I moved away.


It was the hard way,

But the only way.


In love, my love! Writing... Currently working in Bangalore. Loves music, books, poems and to

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