Is Some Spark Missing In That Shopping Expedition? Incompetent Sales People Might Be The Reason

Posted: December 20, 2015

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Marketers often use the feel-good-factor-magic of a really good session of shopping to increase sales, but it doesn’t happen when shoppers have to deal with incompetent sales people.

It is often said that customer is the king! ‘It is the final end user who decides the success or failure of anything that is new in the market’. But is it really so? In reality, do we experience premier service? Are we treated as the final decision makers ? Is our experience valued?

But then, reality hits hard. What we see on paper, TV, and social media sites is glaringly different from what we experience in stores. Most of the times we do not enjoy a pleasant shopping experience because of the following reasons.

One, sales people often do not give you the space to look around. They can hover too close for comfort as you browse, be too helpful, suffocate you with choices and product detail.

Two, sales people can be very shrewd! With a single glance, they can make a snap judgement if you would be a potential customer or not.

Three, the don’t care attitude of many sales people! ‘Our timings are 9 to 6′ so I don’t care, if you have a question at 6:01’. Happens too often.

Four, sales people are often not equipped to explain the product details, often provide generic statements such as ‘fast moving’ , ‘ excellent product’, etc.

Five, an experience like this: You can window shop, as long as you are outside the window! You shop for less, you are wanted less! If your trolley is packed you get the royal service! ‘Madame ko mango juice dhedho’!

Sales personnel indirectly represent the brand. One negative spark can spread like a forest fire and bring down the brand image. It might sound trivial, or even entitled, but give it a thought! Being customers, expecting better treatment is not a privilege, its our right. After all, customer should be king!


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  1. True picture!! These sales people can be very irritating!! We actually forget what we really want!

    • Glad you could relate. Sometimes you even need to lie to them u are going to buy the product for them to actually let u see and touch it. Crazy at times. 🙂

  2. Well sometimes it feels you are attached to a movable camera.

  3. Yeah! They note every move of yours making shopping really stressful:)

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