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Shweta Vyas

Now a days ..Vihaan's Mum...Wanderer at heart,extremely unstable in thoughts,readholic; which has cure only in blogs and books...my pen have words about parenting,women empowerment and wellness..love to delve more on relationships and life...

Voice of Shweta Vyas

Even At 60, Her Eyes Sparkled With Dreams She Wished To Fulfil And Goals She Planned To Achieve

Just when I thought my job in the world was over, I asked myself if I had achieved everything I wanted. I realised, I hadn't. So I set out to do that.

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She Didn’t Let Them Down!!

A daughter is expected to never let down her parents... even if it means choosing marriage over a fulfilling career.

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What My Son’s First Month Of School Taught Me

With time he started writing alphabets; though not very defined and in line but yes, he wrote.

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wives of martyrs
SHE: An Ode To All The Wives Of Our Martyrs

A soldier dies on his duty to his country. What happens to all who are left behind? What happens to his wife? A peek into the mind of one such martyr's wife.

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Molested By A Family Friend As An 8th Grader, Until Now I Haven’t Been Able To Say #MeToo

We had taken a road trip with some family friends when I was in the 8th grade. Their son touched me against my wish in the car, and I was unable to tell my parents because of the shame I felt.

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Leaving My Child At Daycare Was Tough, Then It All Changed

Mothers are often judged for leaving their young children at daycare. Here is the story of a mother, her young son and their daycare journey together.

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