Shweta Vyas

Now a days ..Vihaan's Mum...Wanderer at heart,extremely unstable in thoughts,readholic; which has cure only in blogs and pen have words about parenting,women empowerment and to delve more on relationships and life...

Voice of Shweta Vyas

What Gift I Want This Christmas

Dear Santa !! Please come with a bit more joys and merrimentGift us more power to forget irreplaceable losses and more containment

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The Mother Of A 4 y.o., I Will Celebrate Mother’s Day Away From My Child, Thanks To The Lockdown

What I thought was merely a week long trip turned out to be the worst period of my life. I left my son with my in-laws in March and haven't seen him since.

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Even At 60, Her Eyes Sparkled With Dreams She Wished To Fulfil And Goals She Planned To Achieve

Just when I thought my job in the world was over, I asked myself if I had achieved everything I wanted. I realised, I hadn't. So I set out to do that.

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She Didn’t Let Them Down!!

A daughter is expected to never let down her parents... even if it means choosing marriage over a fulfilling career.

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What My Son’s First Month Of School Taught Me

With time he started writing alphabets; though not very defined and in line but yes, he wrote.

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wives of martyrs
SHE: An Ode To All The Wives Of Our Martyrs

A soldier dies on his duty to his country. What happens to all who are left behind? What happens to his wife? A peek into the mind of one such martyr's wife.

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Molested By A Family Friend As An 8th Grader, Until Now I Haven’t Been Able To Say #MeToo

We had taken a road trip with some family friends when I was in the 8th grade. Their son touched me against my wish in the car, and I was unable to tell my parents because of the shame I felt.

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Leaving My Child At Daycare Was Tough, Then It All Changed

Mothers are often judged for leaving their young children at daycare. Here is the story of a mother, her young son and their daycare journey together.

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