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SHE: An Ode To All The Wives Of Our Martyrs

Posted: March 4, 2019

A soldier dies on his duty to his country. What happens to all who are left behind? What happens to his wife? A peek into the mind of one such martyr’s wife.

“I am proud that he died for his country” said his mother

“Our sons will keep sacrificing” seconds the mourning father

she could not say anything

as nothing could console her

just few days of association

The kajal washing away with tears pleaded to stay

and the shining bangles too had their new way to sway

She was worried about the unborn inside

who lost daddy before having a sight

she was reminiscing

of when he would put his arms around her

She had waited for him when he came on an ‘Off’

those days were festive for her; all other days just round the clock

That silk saree she draped with pleats of love

when he called and said within few days he will be there

she pulled silver earrings from that hanging case

which he would tickle with his fingers and smile

Red bindi a little above the eyebrows, adding more beauty to those furrows

And that dazzling dimple, which he admired so

Those morning walk together loaded with stories of war

and suddenly holding her hand he had said “missed you more”


You came but not on a bike this time

that esteemed tricolour coffin surrounded you

and packed inside – my presuppositions, promises, love and soul

you came to bid that last adieu to us all

But I promise to keep your dreams alive

to serve our motherland till I die

May your patriotism surpass my placenta

Imbibing into the veins and aorta

and seed one more warrior one more martyr

And  keep raising the crown high

I know this is a long furlough

But I will try hard, very hard,

though I know I have many more miles to go!


A version of this was first published here.

Image source: FreeWallpapers

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