Sheetal Nawalkar Wathare

A Perfect Libran, is how I define myself!! . Striking the Right Balance is my MANTRA - may it be between Life@work & Life@home, Family & Friends, Myself & My relationships. Writing is my passion, reading is my hobby and penning down my thoughts bring me a step closer to the world.

Voice of Sheetal Nawalkar Wathare

Her Hair Flaming, Draupadi Rose From The Ashes

Anger flushed through her body and she opened her eyes. She saw the mirror, her self-respect burnt to ashes and images of her own talking to each other...

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Supriya Sule
Will Maharashtra Be Ready For Its 1st Woman CM By The Next Elections?

Supriya Sule has all the requisite attributes needed in a good leader, along with the pedigree, for the Indian obsession with dynasties. Is she being overlooked by the Pawars that be (pun intended) because she is a woman?

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Life Never Stops… With Or Without A Loved One

She could have told us that she is suffering and feeling lonely. I know we all were too busy making a life that we missed to make this life happier one.

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virtues of a good wife
Six Virtues Of A Good Wife? Really? Time To Re-Interpret These

The virtues of a good wife as they are supposed to be set by ancient scriptures need some serious reinterpretation. Here's why.

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Rajmata Jijau – Kingmaker And A Powerful Feminist Woman In The 17th Century

Rajmata Jijau Bhosale, the mother of Shivaji, the Maratha king, was a feminist who believed in doing the right thing, no matter what the circumstances.

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It Takes A Village… [#ShortStory]

Her mother had sent her away to be brought up by someone else, and this had made her heartbroken. It was only now that she was beginning to understand why ...

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5 New Year Resolutions For Women That We Need To Seriously Adopt!

These 5 new year resolutions for women are not about getting ahead at work. Instead, they touch upon the very core of our lives.

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The Suprisingly Real Phenomenon of Post Weaning Depression in the Lives of New Moms

Post weaning depression, a common phenomenon, yet largely ignored in India, and ways to combat it, for yourself and your loved ones.

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Restarting A Career After Break — Tips For Working New Moms
Restarting A Career After Break — Tips For Working New Moms

A working mom shares her lessons that she gained from restarting a career after a break and, through her experiences, offers practical advice on coping with them.

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We Definitely Don’t Want Our Daughters To Grow Up Listening To These One–Sided, Patriarchal Narratives Of Stories

Patriarchal narratives are the reason stereotypes still persist, lingering on even in the most liberal of feminists, leading to confused individuals. 

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Is Marriage The Only Aim Of A Woman’s Life?

The only aim of a woman's life, in social terms, seems to be a successful marriage, even if she has to compromise on many things for it. What she wants doesn't matter!

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Practical Tips To Make You Less Of A Hassled Working Mom, And Help You Get Control On Your Work Week!

Feel like a hassled working mom in the mornings? Here are some great tips to handle the challenges working mothers face.

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This Is Friendship, Not Marriage. Set Me Free! [#ShortStory]

They were the best of friends, yes, but she had never thought of him in that way. Unable to reconcile to a physical relationship, all she wanted was her freedom.

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