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Will Maharashtra Be Ready For Its 1st Woman CM By The Next Elections?

Posted: November 29, 2019

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Supriya Sule has all the requisite attributes needed in a good leader, along with the pedigree, for the Indian obsession with dynasties. Is she being overlooked by the Pawars that be (pun intended) because she is a woman?

Before I start on this article – let me promise: This will not be another one in the thousands of new and related things you might be reading/ watching about the Maha-Natya (Epic Drama) around Maharashtra CM elections. Here I will highlight the sad reality that in politics, a woman has to wait for  a cyclone to uncover her leadership qualities.

So read ahead if you are ready to consider a different perspective. It is not about supporting one party over the other or one leader over the other, so if it sounds biased to anyone – please consider it a mere coincidence.

The complex twists and turns in Maharashtra politics are flashing headlines today and amidst all this, a face is coming up as a upcoming (?) leader or possible (?) heir to a very impactful political party (and family) of Maharashtra.

Why the question marks?

Now, my question marks above would have given a sense of where this is going.

So yes, question marks are on the comments that have been made about how she has utilized the betrayal of her cousin as a stepping stone to take over the party command, or how her dad had to plot this game to end the inheritance issue. The question mark is also about WHY they should need to do so this when she already is an eligible leader for the positions in question.

Check out these reasons

  • She has been 3 times MP, very popular for her focus on issues like religious intolerance and triple talaq .
  • She has been contributing to the party and is known to be the key person when it comes to conflict resolution. (Evident from her role in getting the former party head back to the party now).
  • She is known to be simple, straightforward, genuine, and warm. She has never seen being insecure, and she always has faced media with patience and warmth.
  • Politics is in her genes, and she has had the basics of it with her baby food undoubtedly. Despite this, her approach is very distinctly her own. She stays away from controversies and follows a path of hard work to make progress.

Has she been denied this as a woman?

We can keep adding to the list of qualities she and many other women like her have, who are denied their deserved positions because of male dominance, and the biased standards in every industry and field in our country.

Very surprising that even in the influential families and positions, women have to struggle to get their fair share!!

I agree she has a lot to do and lot to prove before the people accept her as a Leader of the party or state, but it’s good to see that she has a platform to play and show what she can do. The years ahead will decide if Maharashtra is ready to have its first woman CM, but it is expected from the people of a state that has given the first woman doctor to the country.

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