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A strong feminist who believes in the art of weaving words. When she finds the time, she argues with patriarchal people. Her day completes with her me-time journaling and is incomplete without writing 1000 words in her head.

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sexual harassment
Dear Celebs, Why Are You Normalizing Sexual Harassment On Shows Like Super Dancer?

I feel so uncomfortable to see family shows like 'Super Dancer' inviting Honey Singh (accused of domestic-violence) & celebs enacting steps of songs like 'Lal Dupatte Wali'!

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No Phones For Girls: Shocking Solution To Stop Rapes, By UP Women’s Commission Member!

According to Meena Kumari of Uttar Pradesh Women's Commission, mobile phones in the hands of women are responsible for violence against them!

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Once Again, Malala Is Trolled By Hardliners, For Her Powerful Words On Marriage

Malala said in a Vogue interview – “Why do people have to get married, why can’t it be a partnership?” What is the reason this is being criticized? Translated from the original in Hindi. Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Prize winner, became the cover star in the July 2021 edition of British fashion magazine Vogue. […]

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Imran Khan Please Answer This: Aren’t Women Who’re Fully Covered Raped By Rapists?

My only question to the Pak PM is, how do we decide what is obscene and what is not? Has it been proven in some kind of specific research?

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Meet Seema Dhaka A Delhi Police Officer Who Rescued 76 Missing Kids In 3 Months!

The first person to get an out of turn promotion for rescuing as many as 76 missing children, Seema Dhaka is truly an inspiration to us all!

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suicidal thoughts
Suicidal Thoughts? Hugs, And 10 Tips By Clinical Psychologist Aarathi Selvan To Help Yourself & Others

For Suicide Prevention Month, clinical psychologist Aarathi Selvan gives some tips and insights on suicidal thoughts, their symptoms, and prevention.

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pakoda recipe
Searching For A Pakoda Recipe? These 9 Will Make Your Rainy Day Tea-Time More Yummy!

Thunder, lightning, rain, and can't remember that yum pakoda recipe? No problem. Here are 9 pakoda recipes that will have you licking your fingers.

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Prajakta Koli’s Short Film ‘Khayali Pulao’ Beautifully Depicts The Oft Ignored Dreams Of Small-Town Girls

YouTuber Prajakta Koli's short film 'Khayali Pulao' asks, why are girls' dreams ignored as khayali pulao even today. Just how long will this go on? 

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Zakir Khan
Comedian Zakir Khan’s Viral Poem An Emotional Ode To Mom, But Maybe Begin Helping Her Too?

Comedian Zakir Khan's Hindi poem, Aur nani yaad aa gayi, is going viral on social media, in which he talks of how he is missing his mom's cooking in lockdown as he has to do it all himself now.

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Babita Jaishankar’s Mask Challenge Is Going To Be Our Next One, What About You?

While there is a viral 'Saree Challenge' on Facebook, Babita Jaishankar has a new, unique challenge for you. Read on to know what it is and what you can do!

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‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ But Where Do You Go When Home Is Not Safe?

The famous lockdown motto is ‘Stay home, stay safe’ but for a lot women and young girls staying home is not always safe.

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