Searching For A Pakoda Recipe? These 9 Will Make Your Rainy Day Tea-Time More Yummy!

Thunder, lightning, rain, and can't remember that yum pakoda recipe? No problem. Here are 9 pakoda recipes that will have you licking your fingers.

Thunder, lightning, rain, and can’t remember that yum pakoda recipe? No problem. Here are 9 pakoda recipes that will have you licking your fingers.

Translated by Nishtha Pandey from the original in Hindi.

Good days of monsoon are made up of the smell of wet earth, cold breeze, a drizzle, a cup of chai and a plate of crispy pakodas! But making pakodas can turn into a mess if not done with a proper recipe. For tasty and delicious pakoda recipes we have got you covered. 

Here are 9 different ways to make pakodas that will make your monsoon much better. All of these pakoda recipes come with some special tip to make them even better. So next time it rains make sure you treat your taste buds.

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Aloo pakoda recipe

Cook with Parul’s

Aloo pakoda or potato fritters are first on our list. These pakodas are prepared in a few minutes, can be made for the guests from easily available items in the house. It is very crispy and one of the most liked variety of pakodas. Here is an aloo pakoda recipe by Cook with Parul’s which will make your cooking experience hassle-free.

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Tip: These pakodas should not be fried on high heat. This will make the pakodas dry from the top quickly and the potatoes inside will remain raw. Make sure that you fry Aloo Pakodas on medium heat. 

Bread pakoda recipe

Swad Anusar with Seema

Bread pakoda is a popular street food, especially in Delhi. You can make them in two ways. The first is with potato stuffing and the second is with no stuffing. With the help of a recipe from Swad Anusar with Seema you can prepare everyone’s favourite bread pakodas in a very short time.

Tip: Keep in mind that after adding the batter to the bread, put the pakodas immediately in the oil, otherwise the bread will become soft and the pakoda will lose its crispiness. 

Paneer pakodas

Nisha Madhulika’s kitchen

There is no recipe from Nisha Madhulika’s kitchen that can fail to impress us. One among her thousands of amazing recipes is the recipe for Paneer pakoda. 

Tip: Take care to whisk the batter for at least 5 minutes and then keep it for 10 minutes. This will make your pakodas even better.

Vegetable pakodas

Sritama’s Kitchen

All the health-conscious people: this pakoda recipe is for you.

Vegetable pakodas are a way to satisfy both your health and taste. And it is also a great way to feed the children some vegetable. You can make cauliflower pakodas, spinach pakodas, meethi pakodas etc. but if you make mix veg Pakodas then it will be tastier. So next time it rains try making these Mix Veg Pakodas from Sritama’s Kitchen.

Tip: Keep in mind that the oil is well heated before frying and try to fry these pakodas on high flame.

Chana Dal Pakodas

Meenu’s Kitchen

With ingredients like onion, red chillies, salt, fennel, celery, cumin, asafetida, ginger, green chillies, coriander, channa dal pakoda is a must-try crispy delight. For the recipe, we have a video by Meenu’s Kitchen

Tip: Keep in mind to soak the gram dal for at least 5 – 6 hours and then grind it. Enjoy the hot pakodas with tomato and green chilli sauce.

Cheese Pakodas

Anyone Can Cook With Me

When everyone’s favourite cheese is used in crispy pakodas, the taste of those pakodas becomes much better. And if you are still not sure, check out this recipe from Anyone Can Cook With Me. After seeing this, your steps will go straight towards the kitchen.

And yes there is neither any bread nor any kind of vegetables used to make these pakodas. 

Tip: A special tip in this is to fry the pakodas on low heat till they turn golden and the cheese inside melts.

Chilli Pakodas

Sunita Aggarwal

You cannot visit Rajasthan right now, but you surely try their must-have snack – chilli pakodas. For this, we are sharing the recipe of Sunita Aggarwal with you. 

Tip: While making these, keep in mind to take large size green chilies and cut them in the middle and fill them with spices.

Poha Pakoda Recipe

Poonam Khanna

Poha is everyone’s favourite snack, but have you also got bored of cooking it the same way every day? So let’s teach you how to make crispy pakodas from poha today. We have featured here Poonam Khanna‘s method of making poha pakodas.

Tip: Keep in mind that the poha does not get too soggy, otherwise you will have difficulty frying the pakoda.

Maggi Pakoda

Manisha Bharani

You must have eaten Maggi in many ways but have you ever tied making pakodas out of Maggi? If not, today through Manisha Bharani’s recipe you can make crispy Maggi pakodas in just 3 minutes. All you need for this is Maggi, sooji and gram flour. And to make it nutritious, you can also use vegetables in it.

Tip: Keep in mind that water is rarely used in assembling the batter. 

Now go, pick your favourite pakodas recipe and enjoy the hot pakodas with the whole family during the rainy season. And for similar delicious recipes, click here.

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