Seeta Bodke is a Business Consultant and Senior Manager from the IT sector. After spending over a decade in managerial roles, she decided to follow her heart and take up freelance writing and blogging. When she is not sifting between the lines on current affairs and social issues or experimenting with fiction, she brings here her experiences and observations from the corporate world.

Voice of Seeta

Motherhood Is Wonderful. But What About Who I Really Am?

Motherhood is a wonderful thing. "But should it mean that I should give up who I am, to be just a mother all the time?" A new mother muses.

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How to resolve conflicts at work
How To Resolve Conflicts At Work, And Come Out Smiling

Shy away from conflicts because you're afraid of losing your positive image? Great tips on how to resolve conflicts at work, and why it is critical to do so.

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How to become more productive
Drop These 6 Myths About Productivity To Become More Productive!

Is staying late in office and taking on more and more work a sign of Productivity? Learn how to truly become more productive!

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Quitting your job to follow your passion
Quitting Your Job To Follow Your Passion

Quitting your job to follow your passion may seem like a romantic thing to do, but the journey ahead can be tough, even if fulfilling. Here is an honest account.

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How 7 Small Changes Can Improve Your Work Life Balance

Sometimes, even small changes can improve your work life balance, and ultimately, your quality of life. Start making these changes today.

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Use Technology To Take Charge Of Your Finances: With Dell Venue Tab

While technology is said to make us lazier, money management apps and tablet features like these can surely make your life a lot more efficient to manage.

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Useful Free Learning Apps: With the new Dell Venue Tab

These useful free learning apps will help women and men at work to keep their learning updated - in the convenience of your home.

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How to break the glass ceiling
How Employee Resource Groups Can Help Break The Glass Ceiling

It is difficult for a woman to break the glass ceiling alone, but Employee Resource Groups can be a very useful tool for your career.

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Dealing with a male manager sidelining you
Is Your Male Manager Sidelining You? (And How To Deal With It)

How to deal with a male manager sidelining you: Since Indian norms prevent the genders from mixing, many male managers still treat female employees warily.

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Traveling Abroad For Work? Go Forth And Conquer!

Travelling abroad for work can be uncomfortable for Indian women who grew up in protected environments. Here's how to make the transition easier.

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Women: Are You A Workaholic?
Take A Reality Check: Are You A Workaholic Who Needs To Change?

As working women in India become more driven, ambitious and upfront about their goals at work, some of us also adopt the workaholic tag willingly. Is that a good thing?

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8 Ways To Resolve Conflicts & Create A Better MIL-DIL Relationship

In many Indian families, the MIL-DIL relationship is full of passive or open conflict. But, does it necessarily have to be this way?

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careers in IT industry
Chart Your Career Path In The IT Services Industry

Jobs for women interested in the IT industry need not mean Programming. Jobs in IT include business development, technology architecture, client management too.

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how to work from home effectively
6 Tips To Work From Home Effectively

Working remotely is a great option, but it can have an impact on one’s career. How can Indian women work from home effectively and move up the ladder too?

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