Useful Free Learning Apps: With the new Dell Venue Tab

These useful free learning apps will help women and men at work to keep their learning updated - in the convenience of your home.

These useful free learning apps will help women and men at work to keep their learning updated – in the convenience of your home.

I graduated years ago, but in today’s time I have begun to realize that there is still so much to learn if we have to stay at the top of our game – be it in our own careers or the development of our children for whom the definition of education does not mean the same as it did for us.

There were days when I looked at the posters put up for weekend classes for creative writing in various colleges as I travelled to office but not once did I stop and inquire. Simply because I knew I wouldn’t have the time to attend those classes. While the environment a classroom gives you to learn can never be replicated, busy schedules and hectic lifestyles no longer permit us to spend those precious hours away from home.

In what is increasingly becoming a common situation across households, what is proving to become a permanent solution is a tablet like the new Dell Venue Tab which has made it easier to learn on the go with learning apps many of which are free, effective and extremely easy to use.

Sceptical about virtual learning, I tried out a few free learning apps and discovered a whole new world in the process.

Coursera and TED

For those who wish to learn on the job, there are myriads of training courses available on different fields, be it technology programming, project management, financial services and general management. What works as a significant differentiator is the availability of international virtual classroom apps such as Coursera and TED where you get to learn about the subject of your choice from professors and teachers from Universities such as Harward, MIT, Cambridge and the likes.

Leadership Development

In today’s world where most women face a glass ceiling at work, leadership development becomes a topic of importance. While some organizations provide platforms to faciliate the growth for women, many don’t. In either case this app on Leadership development can come extremely useful for information on team building, culture, performance management and many more.

Management Tips

As you move up the ladder, effective management skills are needed to manage your team and delegate work. This app provides over 2000 such tips and also addressed influencing and negotiation skills which are necessary while working with teams.

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Presentation Skills Pronto

In our day to day work, one of the most important skills we need to equip ourselves with is Powerpoint. This is a neat app to learn presentation skills right from structuring presentations, creating the right number of slides and content to narrating and delivering the presentation. The app goes a step ahead in proving relaxation techniques to be prepared for delivering presentations.

There are paid apps also available between the range of Rs 150-300 which provide more extensive details.

The beauty of using these apps on the tablet is that these can easily be used as we go about our regular work, sitting in the comforts of our house, taking those classes and completing them as per our own schedules. A lot of these apps not only help in self learning but can also aid in career as well as personal growth.

While these apps go a long way in honing our learning, the tablet also provides many other features which come very useful to facilitate educational growth. We spend a lot of our time in commute today, which along with our work commitments eats into any time that we might otherwise keep aside for learning. In such situations, using the tablet to read reference material offline or to listen to saved podcasts and webinars can help optimize time which is otherwise not put to use.

Similarly, a lot of ebooks on learning that are available on the Internet an be downloaded and read on the tablet. Editing softwares on the tablet can also go a long way to work on your assignments and research. Your tablet can basically act as your research and learning assistant on the go.

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