Sarika Salil

Born a brought up in Delhi, a PG in English literature and a B.Ed degree I set out to conquer the world. Married to an army officer, had to move several places. Taught in Delhi, Alwar, Srinagar, Umroi. A few family commitments and poor health condition left me unhappy. I wanted a job that ensured happiness besides giving a bank balance. I write well, communicate beautifully with people of all ages. Poor health lead lead to a dip in the confidence but I am picking up the threads and soon I will be more than up and about. Presently I am a volunteering at a 'UDHAVI' a school for special children in Coonnoor Tamilanadu. Practicing spirituality. Currently writing on Sheroes Your Quote Instagram Facebook. Waiting to add Women's Web to my bio.

Voice of Sarika Salil

Are You An Over-Protective Parent?

Over-concerned, over-protective parents cause more harm than good. So, be mindful of your parenting and enjoy the pleasure and the pain both.

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How I Learned To Be Less Judgemental Of Women Not As Privileged As Me

I am one of those privileged women who enjoyed freedom of speech and choice since childhood. I guess it made me a snob. But I know differently now.

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Life Begins At Forty!

Age is merely a number. A small leap of faith can often be exhilarating and make one realize that life begins at forty.

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parading of the bride
Are The Ladkewale Always At Fault At The Parading Of The Bride?

The parading of the bride is a quintessential Indian custom where she is 'approved' or 'rejected' by the groom's side. But can the groom's side always be at fault?

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