Sapna Jayaram

Always on the lookout for new things to learn, I am a voracious reader, globetrotter, ambitious cook and mom to two precious little men. While I'm not experimenting in the kitchen or resolving sibling squabbles, you will find me writing; a passion I rediscovered and revel in!

Voice of Sapna Jayaram

she was left behind
When She Was Left Behind After A Lifetime Of Togetherness

Having spent every waking hour tending to his needs, she suddenly felt frightfully lonely. It hurt her to even think of tomorrow, when she would wake up alone.

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A Mother’s Prayer [Short Story]

A poignant account of a dream of motherhood; while this dream comes true for some women, others face years of pain and suffering in its pursuit.

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Why Be Prepared For Motherhood Before Choosing To Be A Mother

Motherhood is an enriching phase of a woman's life. But one shouldn't be forced into it. It's important to be well-informed before motherhood arrives.

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work from home concept
What The ‘Work From Home’ Concept Means, And Doesn’t!

Work From Home Moms usually face skepticism from many! Working only from office need not be a perfect fit, and here's why you should not take Work From Home Moms for granted.

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