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Always on the lookout for new things to learn, I am a voracious reader, globetrotter, ambitious cook and mom to two precious little men. While I'm not experimenting in the kitchen or resolving sibling squabbles, you will find me writing; a passion I rediscovered and revel in!

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From Guilt to Grace: Embracing Self-Love to Beat Burnout and Stress
From Guilt to Grace: Embracing Self-Love to Beat Burnout and Stress

It is a regular workday, and I’m engrossed in work when the guests staying over casually ask me if I can make them some tea and do a few other tasks. Now, I’m torn between wanting to be a gracious host and the reality that this detour will throw my whole schedule off balance. I’m […]

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5 Ways To Navigate Career Challenges After A Break To Make A Successful Comeback

Making a successful comeback after a break can be difficult for many, but here are some things that work for most women.

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Are You Ready to join the Start-Up wave? Insights from Someone Who\'s Been There!
Are You Ready to join the Start-Up wave? Insights from Someone Who’s Been There!

Start-ups are an environment where change is constant, roles are fluid, and challenges are aplenty. So, working at a start-up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It demands a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and willingness to run with the flow. But there is nothing like being around people that you know will change the world. […]

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sustainanle fashion
Sustainable Fashion Can Be Both Stylish And Affordable; Check It Out!

Sustainable fashion is often taken to be extremely expensive and only for elite consumers, as well as 'old fashioned' or 'boring'. Not so.

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how to protect your creative ideas
5 Simple Suggestions To Protect Your Creative Ideas From Being Stolen By The Competition

If you are just starting out as a creative freelancer, this may seem far-fetched. However, if you cannot take any chances and do not want anyone to poach your work, it is the only way to go.

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4 Coping Tips For Newbie Moms

Are you a new mother? Fret not, follow these four tips to make your lives a bit easier.

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4 Deciding Factors In Raising A Child Who Loves To Read

Our bookshelves have housed every imaginable title from Charlie and Lola to Tinkle comics and encyclopedias of all types.

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Rising To The Challenge-When Age Catches Up With Our Parents

It is never easy to watch our parents growing old; to overlook new wrinkles and ignore new aches and pains that they complain of.

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she was left behind
When She Was Left Behind After A Lifetime Of Togetherness

Having spent every waking hour tending to his needs, she suddenly felt frightfully lonely. It hurt her to even think of tomorrow, when she would wake up alone.

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A Mother’s Prayer [Short Story]

A poignant account of a dream of motherhood; while this dream comes true for some women, others face years of pain and suffering in its pursuit.

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Why Be Prepared For Motherhood Before Choosing To Be A Mother

Motherhood is an enriching phase of a woman's life. But one shouldn't be forced into it. It's important to be well-informed before motherhood arrives.

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work from home concept
What The ‘Work From Home’ Concept Means, And Doesn’t!

Work From Home Moms usually face skepticism from many! Working only from office need not be a perfect fit, and here's why you should not take Work From Home Moms for granted.

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