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What The ‘Work From Home’ Concept Means, And Doesn’t!

Posted: January 22, 2015
Work From Home Moms usually face skepticism from many! Working only from office need not be a perfect fit, and here’s why you should not take Work From Home Moms for granted.


It’s been a while now, since I have returned to working full-time. After several trials and errors in the career zone, I have finally taken on a full-time job in writing, albeit from home. This works for me, as I’m able to balance two of my top priorities—I am available for my children throughout the day and am also able to focus on a productive and satisfying career.

However, I have observed that many people have an agonizing difficulty accepting that for a mother, ‘being at home’ and ‘working full-time’ are simultaneously possible. On numerous occasions, I have been asked when I’ll be returning to a job. This is despite my explaining that I have a full-time, decently-paying job, right now!

And then there are others who think that a ‘Work-from-home-mom‘ is just a fancy term that I’ve picked up somewhere, and I have all the time in the world….enough time to run around paying bills, picking up couriers, babysitting the kids of busy moms who chase their ‘career’ dreams, and to accommodate any plan at immediate notice. After all, I am at home. So how important can work possibly be?!

This message is to all these people, who believe that working women ought to be in an office, to fit the bill. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that a ‘work-from-home’ mom has a career that is important to her. She has responsibilities just like any other member of the workforce, perhaps even more.

She is struggling to maintain her work-life balance, and just because she is at home, it doesn’t mean everything automatically falls into place. She has her own priorities and tasks to complete, and is not ‘free’ to take over yours. Where work is concerned, she is no different from anyone who works outside the house. Taking a day off means the same to her. And although it may not be a traditional 9-5 job, she still has people to answer to. And, it pays her bills.

You may not respect or even recognize what she does, but next time, please don’t forget to ask before volunteering her for your needs. In case you still don’t get it, she is not available unless she says so!

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