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Rituparna Patgiri

Dr. Rituparna Patgiri teaches in the Sociology department at Indraprastha College for Women (IPCW), University of Delhi.

Voice of Rituparna Patgiri

The Perils Of Being A Woman ‘Online’, Especially Late At Night!

After a late-night conversation with a friend on how people, mostly men, send unsolicited messages on social media, I started thinking about this piece. These unsolicited messages are not necessarily sexually loaded. These can be the one word ‘Hi’ or the question ‘How are you?’ One might wonder how these seemingly harmless texts can bother […]

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Happy Women
This Is How University Campuses Nurture Female Friendships

University campuses don't just teach theories, they also help build female friendships and solidarity among women.

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Will Women Ever Stop Saying, ‘I Won’t Be Able To Stay Because There’s No One To Cook At Home’?

'Who will take care of the house when we are away or rest?' Why do women still need to ask this question? Isn't it time men finally took responsibilities?

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Despite A Women-Unfriendly Culture, Why Is Rajasthan A Popular Destination For Women?

Rajasthan is a hot state, is severely discriminatory towards its women, yet it is a very popular tourist destination, especially for its women tourists. What is the secret of this?

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