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I am more expressive with the pen. Usually my subjects are - Obsolete Social Norms that hamstrung women in myriad ways. I too an environmentalist and gazing at nature is like my healing prayer. My conscience bothers me to write on looming perilous environment realities. Read more at -

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Can we stop teaching our daughter — Beti Ko Hi Sasural Jaana Hai!
Can We Stop Teaching Our Daughters — Beti Ko Hi Sasural Jaana Hai!

"Beti ko hi kyun sasural jaana he?" Why can’t we even allow the thought of our betas to move to his sasural if the grievous situation genuinely needs him to be there?

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Why Is The Daughter-In-Law Still Expected To Be Under The Thumb Of In-Laws?

Exercising control on the bahu is the par for the course in our country. A daughter-in-law should be an obedient creature to be at the beck and call of people in her sasural.

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Why A Younger Bride Is Still A Must In India

In a matrimonial alliance, convention dictates that the bride must be younger than the groom, and this rule is stringently followed in India even today.

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A Woman Retaining Her Maiden Surname Is Still Unacceptable In Our Society!

I broke into the dinner conversation, in a not so confident voice. I chimed, 'Your wives are not obligated to take your surnames!'

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Why Didn’t You Speak Up For Us Women, Sita?!

As a child, I asked, why didn't Rama stand by his wife when there were aspersions cast on her by his people? Why didn't Sita's father, King Janak take his daughter back home? Why didn't Sita protest about this injustice?

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