Rashmi Raj

With over 200 published stories, Rashmi is a lawyer-turned-writer, who has always given in to the lure of the written word. With three anthologies under her belt, and her blogs and articles on positive parenting, relationships, books, and humour, published in several publications; she is always on the lookout for the next best story. When not writing, she can always be found with her nose in a book. You can tweet to her at @Rashmisspace

Voice of Rashmi Raj

IF I Get Time From Everyone’s Needs In The House, I Might Be Able To Do This For Myself…

It's just… too much, some days. Most days. Resulting in me getting nothing done. No work. No stories. There is barely a thought I can keep straight in my head.

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Which Legacy Will He Carry Forward?

But I needed him to change his mind. I still loved him, see? And I owed it to you to make that effort. Still believing I could save my marriage, I called Jack’s sister. But what Leda told me, shocked me even more.

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What Was Just A Routine Sortie As Test Pilots!

I care about people who do not come from a background like mine. I care about people who are worthy, who belong, but are not afforded the same opportunities as me. And you know what? This is precious to me, Maahi.

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Dear Rashmi… That’s How All Of Them Begin. But I’m A Woman All Year, Not Just Today!

International Women's Day. The one day in the year women get sent discounts of all kinds. But does anyone really think of what I want, need, wish for?

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I Am A Mother… And She Is A Mother Too!

She has a child next to her. I have one too. Mine sits in the passenger seat next to me. On our way back from school. Full of stories that I have for the moment stopped listening to. Because I am looking at that other mother.

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Free Hit by Suprita Das
Do You Know That Indian Women’s Cricket Began As ‘Kanyaon Ki Cricket’?

Indian women's cricket has come a long way, but there is very little written about them. Does Free Hit: The Story of Women's Cricket in India deliver?

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The Girl Who Lived

They had also found, that the mother had undone her seatbelt and wrapped herself around Mia’s head and upper body, taking the full impact on herself, letting Mia survive, with relatively less serious injuries.  Our Muse of the Month series this year focus on stories that pass the Bechdel test, and are written on inspiration […]

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7 Simple Hacks To Meet Nutrition Needs Of Your Kids With Tasty Food

"What do I make /pack for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner that is nutritious and junior will eat?" is one of the biggest everyday worry of a parent. Here are some easy tips to follow.

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where did you go Bernadette
Married Women Judged Only As Moms And Homemakers, But Can Be So Much More!

The story of Bernadette Fox in Where Did You Go Bernadette will resonate with all married women who are taken for granted as just moms and homemakers.

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And Mai Came Home

As for herself, Sarita had a lot of questions for Mai, but something in her mother’s expression had stopped her from asking her why she was here or how long she planned to be here.

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sixteen going on forty
Sixteen Going On Forty

It doesn’t bog me down. In fact, I have come to believe, that maybe I was born to Mother, just so I could make her understand exactly this.

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what do I cook for dinner
The Perpetual Dilemma For Every Woman: What Do I Cook For Dinner Today?

Every one of us has often stood in front of an open fridge wondering - what do I cook for dinner today? Here is just such a rib tickling personal story!

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school play
It’s Not Just A School Play

So her refusing the title part in the school play was news to Meera. She turned to look at Pari, and asked her in their secret language, what’s all this about?

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How Namita Waikar Is Saving The Songs Of Our Grandmothers For Future Generations #IWD2018

Namita Waikar works with PARI to preserve the cultural heritage of grindmill songs, that is dying out with the older women of rural Maharashtra.

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Revelation [#ShortStory]

And where did that leave me? I was just a teenager, Ma, who needed her mother, like normal girls do; but you were not like any normal mother!

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the husband
When The Husband Steps In To “Help”…

When the husband steps in to take over work traditionally deemed women's - in the kitchen, or taking care of kids, what does really happen? A funny story.

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nail the perpetrators
We’ve Said #MeToo. Let’s Also Do Something To Nail The (Anonymous) Perpetrators!

#MeToo shows the all-pervasiveness of sexual harassment, but we all need to decide to speak up to nail the perpetrators, who still remain anonymous.

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breaking the shackles
Breaking The Shackles [#ShortStory]

They have a lot to catch up on. They have both come very far indeed from that unfulfilled young dream. They have both led their separate lives.

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the nudge
The Nudge [#ShortStory]

I am thinking I will really go to this meet. And I will speak. Not merely to have a good time or to network. But because I really think it is essential that I should speak about it.

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and then she ran
…And Then She Ran… [#ShortStory]

And in any case what do you care who will think what? All that matters is what you want to do. Leave them be. They can think whatever they want. Doesn't affect you!

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love in the time of depression
Love In The Time Of Depression [#ShortStory]

When she mentioned the symptoms of PPD and told him how she was an emotional wreck during that time, Kabier finally gave in to the realization that his wife probably needed help.

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My In Laws Interfere Every Time I Try To Discipline My Child. Can’t They Just Let Me Be? [#ShortStory]

Power struggles in parenting between women and in laws is sad for everyone, beginning with the child who stands to lose out the most on positive parenting.

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Here’s To Our Mothers And Grandmothers Who Achieved So Much Without The Freedom Today’s Women Enjoy

Women of earlier generations are an inspiration for all their achievements - even though they did not have the freedom today's women enjoy.

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Her Love Story… And Her’s Too… [#ShortStory]

Unbelievable, but it was OK for both women to be loving the same man, and for him to love them both back. It couldn't be any other way!

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Being Her… A Journey To Happiness [#ShortStory]

Everyone deserves to have that one special friend who stands by them on their journey to happiness. As this woman had.

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Working Mom Or SAHM – The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It!

The choice to work or to be a stay-at-home-mom, or to even work from home - it is your choice. Make your choice and stand by it, nourish it.  

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Going All The Way #ShortStory

A young, independent woman, agrees to meet a man in the traditional 'arranged marriage' way. A short story that will leave you intrigued.

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Selfish Or Independent Woman? The Lone Ranger Who Does Things Her Way

The highly independent woman, or even lone ranger, who prefers to get things done by herself, is often viewed with suspicion. Why?

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‘You Can Work On Your Own Time’ And Other Work From Home Myths Busted!

Working from home might seem like a blessing, but it is not all that easy! Here are 5 work from home myths busted

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