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Rajashree Prakash

I am interested in every art form whether it is painting,writing,dance or music.I strongly believe involvement in arts make human beings more complete.

Voice of Rajashree Prakash

Begin Again With A Smile

It's never too late to begin again with a smile! These three thought provoking advertisements from Colgate prove just that

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The New Education Policy’s Emphasis On Mental Health Is Welcome

The author analyses the New Education Policy in light of its effort to lay greater emphasis on the mental health of students.

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women's equality
Women’s Equality Remains Just A Dream Until Only ‘Sir’ Can Take All Important Decisions…

Women's equality is given by law, but gender inequality exists across sectors, regimes, companies, cultures, countries, and of course at our homes.

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Draupathi, The Least Celebrated Feminist From Indian History

In a patriarchal world, Draupathi stood her ground whenever she felt wronged, and her resilience helped her cope with the abuse she faced. 

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Lock-down And Its Impact On Population

In India, a number of pharmaceutical companies have reported that there is a steep rise in the sale of pregnancy kits and contraceptive pills since the lock-down.

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We’ve Abolished ‘Sati’, But This International Widow’s Day Ask Yourself If We Let Widows Live In Peace

June 23 is International Widow's Day. And while we've come a long way from sati, we have a long way to go! Instead of shaming them, let's respect them?

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