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Lock-down And Its Impact On Population

Posted: July 27, 2020

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In India, a number of pharmaceutical companies have reported that there is a steep rise in the sale of pregnancy kits and contraceptive pills since the lock-down.

Managing lock-down productively

The lock-down being extended phase by phase, work from homes, online education, social distancing, and sanitization have become our new normal. While whole of the world is stuck by the pandemic, we could see lot of people who are efficiently handling their stress by spending quality time with family and enrolling for online sessions. Considering this lock-down time as a great opportunity many couples have resolved their difference of opinions and have healed themselves far better which is to be appreciated for sure.

Unintended pregnancies

On the other hand, domestic violence is also on the rise and women are finding it really difficult to bridge the gap between their physical and emotional well being. According to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and partners report, many women in low and middle income countries have lost their access to contraceptives due to this lockdown thereby leading to seven million unintended pregnancies in the coming months. Enormous pregnancies are also the outcome of domestic violence and work from home options. In India, a number of pharmaceutical companies have reported that there is a steep rise in the sale of pregnancy kits and contraceptive pills since the lock-down. Continuous intakes of contraceptive pills do have a side effect on a woman’s body and at certain point it won’t work any further. It’s always exciting to welcome a new member to the family whether it’s the first child or the second .But is the lock-down the right time for it?

Socio-economic conditions

Throughout the world, the economy is moving in a downward trend and we are even scared to think about inflation and growth rate. Financial experts are predicting that India would move into recession as the pandemic has completely knocked off the unorganized sector of India. India is already a highly populous country and it is facing the ill effects of overpopulation for decades. In addition to that lock-down has caused a lot of social stress because of  unplanned closure of schools, temples, fear of  unemployment,  limited healthcare facilities, among the population.

Pregnancy during the lock-down

No vaccine or medicine for COVID-19 has been invented yet and despite all precautions being taken the virus spread is huge. Non corona patients at the hospitals are not only struggling with their diseases but also of ill-equipped healthcare employees who are fighting endlessly to treat patients and protect themselves from infection. Government has issued lot of guidelines on the safety of pregnant women during the lock-down. However, if a woman gets pregnant under these circumstances, she won’t be able to get support from her parents , in-laws or even her servant maid as transportation is shut across places. Her regular health checkups won’t be regular. The risk of corona spread is huge when she visits hospitals. Her mood swings would be on full swing throughout. If this is her second pregnancy then the situation is even worse as apart from taking care of her first kid, she needs to take care of herself.

We already know that some viral infections are worse in pregnant women and there is no evidence to show the impact of the virus if a pregnant woman develops novel COVID-19. Since a woman’s body goes through a sea of changes during pregnancy and child birth, it may leave her susceptible to contracting respiratory infections–including COVID-19.Through mother to child transmission, COVID-19 is not likely during pregnancy but after birth the newborn may be infected being in close contact with an infected person, including the mother and other caregivers.

My sincere request to all the couples whether you are newly married or longing for a baby for a very long time-  kindly plan your family when you are sure of proper health care facilities, proper transportation, proper emotional and economic well being. Every life matters!!

Image source: Pexels

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