Being born with Flower AND Fire; I belong to the league of women, both Feminine AND Fierce. Don't tell me how girls can be either this or that; I know how to wear both Eyeliner AND Armor. ~I Am A Woman Of Dual Story. @Rajashree (Defiant Sunflower) "Poetry is my therapy" (a poetry book in progress)

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The Movie Section 375 Sparks A New Debate

The film tries to dismiss workplace sexual harassment cases as having secondary and undisclosed motives and does a disservice to women.

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The Rape Of Men Is A Reality That’s Been Silenced – Let’s Create Safe Spaces For All!

Yes, the rape of men is a fact and the faster our laws and society start recognising it, the survivors will not need to suffer in silence.

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Girls Live Your Dreams, You Have Just One Life

Adding to history are the girls who dream, girls with a passion to do remarkable...girls writing her stories.

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The fate of women who dare to defy the norm is often forced silence!

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A New Anti-Feminist Rap On MTV Hustle Takes Internalised Misogyny To Another Level

On MTV's newest venture, MTV Hustle a female rapper bashed feminism in her song. It's 2019, do we still need to defend feminism?

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This Heinous Crime At A Kolkata School Must Make Us All Rise Up In Protest

The recent news of a 4 year old being raped at the GD Birla School in Kolkata is only one more in a startlingly long list. We need schools to wake up!

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marital symbols
Does A Lack Of Marital Symbols Signify That Such Women Are ‘Available’ And Can Be Disrespected?

Do marital symbols really keep a woman safe? Then we would not have had a Sita or an Ahalya! A look at this fallacy of belief.

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women silenced
Women Silenced Through Ages [#Poetry]

Men dread a woman who knows and speaks her mind, and have always tried to silence them. It speaks more about the insecurities of men than about the women.

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Take A Walk Away From Your Comfort Zone To Discover Your Potential

Sometimes, moving away from your comfort zone is essential to move forward in your career. Here is a insightful personal journey.

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Bandini – The Caged [#Poetry]

We often make choices that shackle us, but freedom from them is not far, if only we gather strength to stand up for our rights!

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Reflection Of A Woman. Winning Entry By Rajashree D Purkayastha For The #GoodwynTea Writing Contest

There is so much that a woman has to undergo in life, just for being a woman. But a woman's inner strength can take her through anything! #GoodwynTea contest winning entry.

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