The fate of women who dare to defy the norm is often forced silence!

Men were afraid, read their hidden potent;

Being dangerous to their small ego,

Women have been hushed to meet their intent.

They dread that poet; whose words pierce their mind;

Fearing for whom and when, she ink her thoughts;

Was silenced by some gun shots.

Miss Bold, defied accepting his celibacy, was strangulated and thrown into a pit

By that elite and socialite cheat.

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Sattviki was a beauty, unattainable by the coward men

So was robbed of her chastity; and silenced in a running van.

Damini was an outcast but an orator of full might;

She was burnt in name of a witch, and others fell quiet.

Latika was beautiful but an orphan,

Was framed into a willing woman whom the priest meets at midnight.

And was silenced behind red lights.

Kalika was black and bloodthirsty, was fed with guilt to make her silent.

Most others were calm and of lesser menace;

accepted patriarch’s trick as their fate;

and were kept at home to decorate.

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Being born with Flower AND Fire; I belong to the league of women, both Feminine AND Fierce. Don't tell me how girls can be either this or that; I know how to wear both read more...

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