This Heinous Crime At A Kolkata School Must Make Us All Rise Up In Protest

The recent news of a 4 year old being raped at the GD Birla School in Kolkata is only one more in a startlingly long list. We need schools to wake up!

The recent news of a 4 year old being raped at the GD Birla School in Kolkata is only one more in a startlingly long list. We need schools to wake up!

Now in the attic of her childhood

Remains a day

Nobody dared to imagine

And she never knew,

that a chocolate could become a bait

to kill the spirit of her innocent soul.

Just a little girl

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One of God’s best gifts to the world,

Who giggled with innocence!

And was loved by all.

She had just started to learn;

A for apple

B for balloon

And, all of a sudden;

Now she gets to know,

P for pain…

For the devils bruised,

both her body and soul.

I wonder,

How could they be so demonic?

And I won’t be wrong

To call them devil’s sons.

The parent of the rapists or molesters,

Should also face the blame,

For they have their own share in the crime;

Since they lacked,

Since they failed,

To instil in them

Respect, empathy, and humanity;

And nurtured Demons out of a human.

Every time I think about writing about an incident of child abuse, the headline changes with another new name, of yet another child who has been molested or raped.

With the rape of a 4-year-old in GD Birla School, I think it’s more than high time to raise the concern. I request everyone who is a responsible citizen, to come together and request the government collectively to award severe punishment to the convicted, without showing any mercy.

I’m not a supporter of hatred, but you cannot have a soft corner for rapists and molesters. Today it is someone else’s child, but if we continue to remain silent then we never know when it could happen to any of our kids. I’m not creating terror; but it’s a reality conceived from the repeated occurrence of such brutality which children are facing in schools and to point out that its happening way too often and seems to be inversely proportional to justice being done.

My honest confession as a mother is that owing to the rise of rapes of school children, sending my kid to school now is really a frightening prospect, and not a matter of excitement anymore! Now holidays make me happier – at least she’s safe; the thought gives me relief. And I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

In case if any of you missed it, let me share the gist. A Kindergarten student was allegedly sexually assaulted by two physical Training teachers of the reputed GD Birla school of Kolkata. The two have been now charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

It pains me to imagine that at this tender age, when kids are supposed to play around with ease and without any worries, a 4-year-old child is going through such pain, both physical and emotional. My heart bleeds also for the parents who are going through this trauma.

The above-mentioned culprits were recognized by the student and can be charged under the POCSO act, for penetrative sexual assault. Now, the maximum punishment under this act is life imprisonment. But do you think life imprisonment is sufficient for them? I don’t!

Such barbaric acts against young and innocent children really pierce the heart and when these incidents occur at such a pace, it becomes a real challenge to the promise of ‘Good Days’ (Acchey Din), as well!

To conclude, the father of the girl is fighting hard for justice, and I request every citizen to be united and act in your own ways help him.

(As I decided sign off, again there came a new headline and with smother name. It reads: Principal Allegedly Raped 6-Year-Old In Jharkhand School, Offered Her Chocolate)

Let’s understand the frequency with which this is happening. The safety of our kids needs to be our priority.

A concerned mother!

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