Bandini – The Caged [#Poetry]

We often make choices that shackle us, but freedom from them is not far, if only we gather strength to stand up for our rights!

When our own decisions shackle us

And our choices lead to an impending doom;

Then we realize that with our own hands we closed the doors

And chose the four walls.

It’s then standing in front of the mirror

We are caught by the stare of a Bandini;

Caught in some illusions of endearment

And a fallacy of providence.

But that can’t stop us from unchaining the self

None can halt us from getting the sunrays—

waiting against those closed doors.

The shed tears bear us the strength to fight,

And solitude teaches the essence of amity,

Faded dreams starts twinkling

And identity asks for freedom.

Shall rebel to be the self

And breathe in free air

Embrace those unfulfilled ambitions

With a faith deep within the pulsating heart.

Author’s note: Dedicated to all anonymous women who chose family over their dreams, yet remained unnoticed and unacknowledged.

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