Women Silenced Through Ages [#Poetry]

Men dread a woman who knows and speaks her mind, and have always tried to silence them. It speaks more about the insecurities of men than about the women.

Men read their hidden potent;
Being dangerous to their small ego,
Women have been hushed to meet their intent.

They dread that poet; whose words pierce their mind;
Fearing for whom and when, she inks her thoughts;
Was silenced by mankind.

Sattviki was a beauty, unattainable by the coward men
So was robbed of her chastity; and silenced in a running van.

Damini was an outcast but an orator of full might;
She was burnt in name of a witch, and others fell quiet.

Latika was beautiful but an orphan,
Was framed into a willing woman whom the priest meets at midnight.
And was bestowed with the title, “Mistress of nights”.

Kalika was beautiful and bloodthirsty, was tricked to guilt and she felt silent.

Most others were calm; accepted men’s trick as their fate;
And were locked at home to decorate.

Image source: pixabay

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