Priti Rathi Gupta

Priti Rathi Gupta is the Founder of LXME (Digital Investment Platform for women) and the Managing Director and Promoter at Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. She has been associated with the Anand Rathi Group since 2004. What started as a business presentation at Harvard Business School has become Indias first financial planning app catering specifically to women that helps them invest independently. She aims to create, through LXME, a new wave of financially fearless women. She is also conducting financial fitness workshops for women. Being of the opinion that women are inherently good investors but have been left out of the investment conversation for far too long, Priti Rathi Gupta wants to end women's reliance on their husbands, brothers or fathers to invest their money. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Priti Rathi Gupta has also completed a Post Graduate Programme in Family Managed Business from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research and has completed her B.Com from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics

Voice of Priti Rathi Gupta

Why Is The Relationship Between Women & Financial Dependency Complicated Even Today?

According to the LXME 2020 Survey, women may have knowledge of finances, they are still dependent on others for decision making. 

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money questions to ask
10 Money Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Tying The Knot

Do you have money questions to ask your partner before tying the knot? An honest conversation will help avoid any misunderstandings later.

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Ladies, Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Financially Fit And Independent!

To achieve your dreams and goals, you need to be financially fit and independent. Here are 6 tried and trusted ways to stay independent!

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Embarking On The Journey Of Motherhood? Don’t Forget To Plan Your Finances

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous experiences in a woman’s life. A joy that should not be clouded by financial worries.

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How Women Can Bust The Myth That Handling Finances Is A Man’s Job

There is a need for financial products aimed at women, that can be customised to their differing career trajectories, including the fact that most women might take at least one career break.

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This Women’s Day Understand Why Women NEED To Know Of Finance To Be Empowered

Women's empowerment is incomplete without having a good handle on how finances work. Start learning early, and build it up as you go.

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Why Is It Essential To Begin Small And Early For Financial Planning?

Starting small at a young age, when one has just begun earning is the best stress-free way to accrue a large corpus in your financial planning. Priti Rathi Gupta explains how.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Here’s Why You Need Sound Financial Planning

Looking into the future, once women are able to break through the challenges underlying their entrepreneurial aspirations and start acquiring the essentials of financial planning, they can become even better managers of the future.

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Renting dresses
This Wedding Season Rent An Outfit Instead Of Spending A Bomb Buying One To Attend

You have a wedding to attend. You have no budget for a new dress. All you own has already been worn and shared on Instagram. Answer? Rented fashion.

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A 7 Step Guide for Shepreneurs To Master Work-Life Balance

The quest to achieve perfection sometimes leads us to unhappiness and not being able to put a stop to a task even when it's done. What can busy shepreneurs do to avoid this trap?

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Investment Tips For Women
4 Investment Tips For Women Starting Their Financial Journey

Investment tips for women: ‘Saving’ and ‘investing’ are terms often used interchangeably in India. Time to learn the difference!

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If You’re A Millennial, Check This Out To Ensure Becoming Rich In The Next Few Decades

Millennials are more enamoured by a lifestyle that calls for a lot of disposable income. But what about planning for a future that may be very different from what their parents have?

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5 Things To Do In Your Early 20s To Set Yourself Up For Success

Starting early and starting right can get you a head start in life, and nothing like doing it in your 20s when you do not yet have major responsibilities. Here are 5 things you can do.

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Why Money Management Is The Greatest Skill That You Can Teach Your Child

Among all the things we teach our kids, one of the most important for their future is money management. This should ideally begin early, to ingrain good money habits. A lot of the decisions that we make in our everyday lives and the characteristics we display find their roots in our childhood. Every individual falls […]

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