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A 7 Step Guide for Shepreneurs To Master Work-Life Balance

Posted: November 11, 2018

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The quest to achieve perfection sometimes leads us to unhappiness and not being able to put a stop to a task even when it’s done. What can a busy shepreneur do to avoid this trap?

On hearing someone say ‘Working Women’, we end up envisioning an eight-armed Goddess like figure equipped with different kinds of weapons. However, I believe this image is only a result of the societal perception that has been engrained in our minds over centuries. Women have always been expected to portray an inbuilt character trait of ‘multitasking’ and no matter what role she may adopt, that of a homemaker/wife/daughter/mother is never to be forsaken. Shepreneurs are certainly a living example of that Goddess like figure.

Most Shepreneurs are women who have it all in life; a definite career in the form of a personal venture and also family responsibilities. Their work hours do not merely entail a limited number of on-desk or in-office hours. To build your business, one needs to network beyond office hours, travel out of town often, as well as continuously take time to update oneself on the emerging trends or management tools needed by the business.

But seldom do people realize that they too are human enough to face challenges while juggling between the roles of a GirlBoss at work and a daughter, a wife or a mother at home. The pressure to strike a balance between personal and professional life is enormous on women. While I personally believe there is no perfect work-life balance for us, there are tools that help achieve effective control over both work life and personal life.

Here are 7 such tools that I have found very useful in maintaining a harmonious balance.

Declutter – Demarcate tasks and responsibilities as compulsory and not compulsory

Declutter and choose your daily tasks wisely as this will provide you with sufficient time to first accomplish essential jobs. Doing so will not only enable you to have enough hours at work and at home but also peace of mind through the day – a calm mind is a productive one!

To Do List

It’s essential to begin your day with a To Do List. You can either create one a day prior or earlier in the morning. However, just creating a To Do List isn’t enough. My aim is to tick off everything or as much as I can on the list. This helps you to focus on the important tasks for the day and avoid wasting time on less important matters. As a team leader, you will have constant demands on you, and I have found this an extremely effective method to stay focussed.

Be Present

It is absolutely indispensable to be wholly present at the task you’ve decided to take on hand. Mere physical presence will only lead to procrastination but mental awareness at the same time will increase productivity. Give your 100% to whatever it is that you are doing. This is easier said than done, and it takes time for the mind also to instil this discipline.

Effective Use of Technology

Evolution gave rise to technology. However, it’s the usage of technology that either makes it a boon or a curse. In the pursuit of striking a balance in life, it’s best to use it effectively. Usage of smart apps, to enhance your work results is the need of the hour; while it’s as imperative to restrict your time on social media.

Aim at Fulfilment

The ideal woman is synonymous with perfection. The quest to achieve perfection sometimes leads to unhappiness and not being able to put a stop to a task even when it’s done. Define important criteria for every responsibility and focus on those. For example, while wanting to cook a perfect meal, choose to cook one or two dishes well as opposed to an entire menu. While making a client presentation, focus on the key message that needs to be delivered as opposed to an entire litany of data, numbers, facts that really may not matter.

Don’t Always Live By the Rules

Rules were made to increase effectiveness and over time, some of those rules have either become irrelevant or obsolete. You are the best judge of your time usage. With flexible working hours and convenience of the virtual office, it’s possible to sit with your children and complete your office work while they do their homework. A fitness regime doesn’t necessarily need to be done first thing in the morning. If you feel that the first few hours of waking up are your most productive ones, use them to ideate, write down thoughts, make notes etc. Exercise when the mind needs to de-stress.

Quality Over Quantity

Responsibility goals are tied to results, not to the amount of time you ‘should’ spend on them. If the day’s work is effectively completed in less time than allocated, use that extra time for self-gratification. If playing with your child in the park for an hour makes her as happy as spending an entire evening with her, then don’t force yourself to be bound by time rules. If a meeting with colleagues has been scheduled for an hour but the agenda is covered in 20 minutes, then swiftly move to another task. Or maybe step out of office to get yourself some fresh air and a coffee!

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