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This Women’s Day Understand Why Women NEED To Know Of Finance To Be Empowered

Posted: March 8, 2019

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Women’s empowerment is incomplete without having a good handle on how finances work. Start learning early, and build it up as you go.

If we take a walk back in time, women rarely got out of their homes. Their knowledge of finance was only limited to ensuring the house should run smoothly. Yet, most women even back then were encouraged to save a certain portion of money that was given to them for emergencies.

Growth of savings

The money saved at the end of every month, they simply put it in the corner of the cupboard or bank lockers without the knowledge of reaping any benefits out of it.

As times progressed, women started getting educated, and getting out of their homes to earn. They were exposed to many mediums, which gave them insight on how to save money in a bank. Frequent visits to the bank exposed them to an array of investible financial products. This encouraged them to know more deeply and start thinking strategically with logic in order to ensure growth of finances.

Women today

With the slow and steady approach, most women today are well exposed to the financial know-hows. They are no more a victim to embezzlers and take absolute responsibility to run not only their homes, but also move and change the fate of prominent counting houses for the better. Yes, women are now presiding over the making of important financial decisions, which could positively impact the economy, bringing tremendous value to the industry and perhaps to the overall GDP of the nation.

The following decisions are now made easier with the ever evolving law that ensures women benefit economically. With the copious financial courses that one can avail across an array of media, now women are immensely overcoming the financial gap by educating themselves.

Early Awareness

Women today should start learning about financial products, while they are just teenagers and seeking campus placement with small stipends in hand. From that very age, they are exposed to a bouquet of financial products that helps them save money. From day one they are involved in managing their financial assets and learn to secure themselves at a very young age.

Becoming Entrepreneurs

It might interest one to learn that some women think creatively into the future envisioning themselves as entrepreneurs. They save up in the attempt of bootstrapping in order to initiate their dreams from scratch. They have taken account of the calculated risks involved in starting their business, and even record growth percentages by the year.

All this complete with perfect financial graphs that enables investors to invest in their dreams and make the business a huge profitable venture.

The growing scope for micro-loans

Well-known organizations go to lengths for giving women impetus to start with their own venture by lending them microloans at almost negligible interest rates.

This move doesn’t only empower the women but also empowers all entrepreneurial business scenes that have immense growth potential to pin the same on global charts. Women are measured as strategic thinkers, planners and are armed with excellent management skills that can take them to new heights.

Lessons from the Stock Market

Major and mid-sized counting houses often overlook the fact that businesses are more smoothly run when led by women.

Recent studies prove that women can be better players with stocks. Unlike men, they take calculated risks, and use patience fittingly to convert their traded stocks to profitable gains. Also, they delve into reason concerning the rise or fall of a certain stock with great dexterity in turn propelling the trade more efficaciously as compared to men, who often take rash decision led by the sheer impulse to gain quick bucks.

The new status

Women are strongly emerging as decision makers and influencers to major counting houses. Being accustomed to running households, they possess a certain business acumen which can flourish under circumstances that don’t dictate them any longer. They are known to boost the economy and catalyse productivity in order to foster economic diversification and income equality.

Women are also known to display their empathetic side to their subordinates when required. They couple empathy with exquisite management skills in order to foster desired results. Women have the ability to bridge the yawning gap between sharp logical dispositions and strong emotional pursuits by striking the perfect chord between the two.

Women design their own path to success without following a rulebook. They are driven by their instinct and heavily invest in the best of ability to deliver unfailingly. This is the reason why women’s involvement in the financial segment and their need for finances are directly proportional.

Image source: shutterstock

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