Pritha Pradhan

A nurse by profession.....I love travelling,music and martial arts......a bibliophile.....a raw writer

Voice of Pritha Pradhan

“Promise Me One Thing, Maa. Say, You Won’t Give Up.”

This time, Ranjana made sure that her daughter's dreams were not curbed. It was not easy, since Arkoja also hadn't been spared the wrath of the rest of the family as happened to her years ago.

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3 Months To 2020, But How Many Of Us Are Still Forced To Get Married?

We're merely three months away from ringing in 2020, but some of us are still shackled by patriarchy and are being forced to get married? Will we ever grow?

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Dear People, Learn To Respect Personal Choices!

Holding on to something you love from your childhood even after you grow up, is beautiful.

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