Preeti Manaktala

Preeti has always been a nature lover. Mountains and hills allure her and she loves the sound the breeze as it plays with the tall trees, the echo from the hills, the sound of silence, the sound of waves splattering the shore, the pitter patter of the rain drops et al .The biggest teacher according to her is ‘LIFE’ which opens up plethora of memories and experiences and has made her more profound and sensitive in her approach towards life ! With an English Honours and an MBA degree she started working very early in her life. She quit her job to raise her two sons. She calls herself an accidental writer and a reluctant poet. “I am ineloquent but writing my thoughts down, often seems less complicated” she says. As Ernest Hemingway righty said “The first draft of anything is shit.” She believes in working on her cluster and aspires to improve her craft each day. Her scribbles and poems are straight from her heart. She calls herself a seeker, a learner, and she ain't giving up till the time she can write extraordinarily beautifully!

Voice of Preeti Manaktala

What Is Poetry ?

The poetry in the smallest of things and in every emotion of the self.

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Silence is not Silent!

Feel the power of silence when it unfolds your thoughts, uncreases your life, and makes you feel good about yourself.

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