Silence is not Silent!

Feel the power of silence when it unfolds your thoughts, uncreases your life, and makes you feel good about yourself.

The tinnitus of silence

Played a cacophony of its own

Or was it a quietude of a different kind.

When my heart opened

To the purity of gratification 

All the insatiable desires

Died silently.


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Drenching my core in serenity

Screaming like an echo

Reverberating from deep inside.

Stirring goosebumps to all my sides

Silence is not silent

She makes the most noise.


Silence is not silent

She spoke to me 

In language I already knew

Of astral lineage

musical and inviting 

Hauling me to a bygone past

Overpoweringly scintillating.


Practise silence to meet your own self

For a slow burial of your own vices.

Cease to be a source of noise for once,

Silence your speech~desires~ego

The judgements~habits~thoughts.


Before the curtains fall on you

And you meet her once again

Acquaint yourself with her.


Silence is not silent

She makes the most noise

And yet, she is beautiful.


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Preeti Manaktala

Preeti has always been a nature lover. Mountains and hills allure her and she loves the sound the breeze as it plays with the tall trees, the echo from the hills, the sound of silence, read more...

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