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What Is Poetry ?

Posted: March 15, 2020

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A Poet, as per Wordsworth

 Wordsworth defines a poet as a person of more comprehensive soul. A poet is different from others, because he/she has a more lively sensibility, and his/her emotions and passions are more enthusiastic, tenderer and more powerful. A poet has a greater knowledge of human nature, the poet is not only a social instrument but an individual, pleased with his/her own passions and volitions. The poet has a greater degree of imaginative power than others, a power of looking from heaven to earth and earth to heaven. 

A poet, as per Carl Sandburg 

Poetry is the sliver of the moon lost in the belly of a golden frog.

Poetry is the opening and closing of the door ,leaving those who look through to guess what is seen during a moment.

Poetry is a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away.

 So , what does poetry mean to you ?  

It is the humming of a soul

a soul full of emotions 

emotions, often hidden

hidden like desires with deeper longing

longings that have been swept away

away, into deep hearts, deeper than the ocean


Poetry is someone’s feelings, 

feelings which are covert.

Covert like the heartbeats,

heartbeats full of thousand stories.

Stories full of memories,

memories of love, sadness and euphoria


Poetry is an incomplete song

a song for the world to comprehend.

It may evoke an experience 

sometimes notional sometimes semantic

yet, it is not everyone’s cup of tea


It is the rhythm of the misunderstood.

It is the calling of the introverts. 

It is the pulse of a dreamer.

a metaphor through a mirror.

a silent prayer to the divine.

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