Pratyusha Mandal

I have a pen as a tattoo, because I love to write. Professionally I am a scientist. Some clear logic, some blue thoughts, some scarlet sarcasm, some pink sword, some black satin- I like to toy with it words, as I write about science to everyday life. Our minds are the nascent universe before the big bang, the planets are yet to form, the blue planet with all life is yet to emerge, the asteroid belt is yet to rock us! We explore, push boundaries of knowledge as much as we can and then put the universe in our color-outside-preset-line writings-isn’t that what WW’s is all about?

Voice of Pratyusha Mandal

Stop Using The Derogatory Term ‘Maid’ Or ‘Servant’ For Women Who Make Your Life Easier!

In different societies around the world, 'maids' are disproportionately underprivileged, economically suffering women, often oppressed and recipients of abuse.

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Taking A Selfie Is Powerful Self Expression, So Stop Shaming Selfie Loving Women!

If someone taking a selfie bothers you, ignore it. But no one gives anyone a right to shame them as narcissistic. That's suppressing their voice.

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My Secret Of Good Hair And How I Maintain It

Staying in the US, as an Indian I get admiration for my dark and thick hair very often, but how important is it really?

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Pratyusha mandal
Here’s Why I Came Out Publicly As A Proud Gender Fluid, Bisexual, & Brown Scientist In The US

I recently came out publicly on Facebook as a gender fluid, bisexual person because I feel my social privilege will help others have the courage to come out and for their dear ones to accept them as they are.

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