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Nithya Rajagopal

I write short stories and random blogs when I am not living my cubicle life. My ebook, ThanThanaThom, is a collection of four short stories set in Tamil Nadu. It is available on #KindleUnlimited. Good food, cricket and music make me come alive.

Voice of Nithya Rajagopal

Enid Blyton cancelled
Instead Of Whitewashing History By Cancelling Dead Authors, Let’s Demand Real Change

Enid Blyton was 'cancelled' by a UK charity this week, and twitter has been abuzz. But can we look at problematic dead authors in a different way?

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‘Oh! So You’re A Feminist? That Must Mean You Hate Men!’

We assume the opposite of love is hate and men and women are opposites. Feminism is conveniently synonymous with misandry, the gender opposite to misogyny. 

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Say Howzzat! To Indian Women’s Cricket

For years, I found myself lost when people around me discussed cricket. Everything changed when 'Dhoni' happened. Lured by the Helicopter shot, I actually began to sit and watch cricket.

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