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Ninu Nair

A book lover and a keen social observer. Started career as a Journalist and then moved to Rural Development.

Voice of Ninu Nair

Why Was Shankuntala Devi A Woman’s Predicament Instead Of The Story Of A Mathematical Genius?

Watching Shakuntala Devi left me with a lot of questions but mostly, I wondered what if it were a standalone movie exploring a mother-daughter relationship.

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Joyce Carol Oates’ Story ‘The Girl With The Blackened Eye’ Fills You With Terror And Leaves You Angry At The Same Time!

Part of an anthology, Joyce Carol Oates' 'The Girl With The Blackened Eye' is a short story that leaves you as shattered and broken as the protagonist.

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Little Women on Prime
Here’s Why Little Women On Prime Is A Must Watch, And The Story Relevant Even 150 Years Later

Greta Gerwig's on-screen Little Women takes themes from the classic book, and adapts them to the lives of modern women so beautifully - a must watch on Prime Video.

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