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Nidhi is from Kerala currently residing in Chennai. She is in research for the past 3years. She writes about anything that fascinates her and that includes societal issues, relationships, career, mental health, etc.

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Dear Girls In Their 20’s, Take A Note Of These Points!

If you are a girl in your 20's, there are some points you have to take a note of if you want to avoid ending up in an exhausting 30's.

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Stalking Is Not Problematic According To The Malayalam Blockbuster Movie Premam

Premam is a Malayalam blockbuster movie that normalizes stalking for the sake of love, which is indeed problematic!!

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college friend
When I called my college friend after a year, I realized she was struggling with her marriage…

I lost contact with my college friend over time. When I contacted her after one year, I realized she was struggling with her marriage.

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Why We Need To Educate Our Girls About The Sad Truth Of Domestic Violence

Why are victims of domestic violence questioned about the proof of it? Isn't it time we taught our girls their rights instead of letting them suffer?

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What Is The Meaning Of A Woman’s Life? The Answer Surprised Me When I Got It

What is the meaning of a women's life? Is it to be lived to make her family happy? Or is it meant to be a fulfilling of her own potential?

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