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When I called my college friend after a year, I realized she was struggling with her marriage…

I lost contact with my college friend over time. When I contacted her after one year, I realized she was struggling with her marriage.

I lost contact with my college friend over time. When I contacted her after one year, I realized she was struggling with her marriage.

My friend and I were both pursuing our Master’s degrees. During those college days, we used to talk every day on short coffee breaks after class. We shared our future anxieties like getting a job, getting married, whether to get married or not, etc.

Fast forward to 2021. I called her after almost one year. We were so busy in our own lives that we did not get time to catch up. Both of us got married, had kids, and now have other responsibilities. And our daily talks were reduced to once-in-a-year birthday wishes. Strange, isn’t it?

My friend was not permitted to do a job and fed up with household chores

Coming back to our talk, I realized how my friend was trapped in a home with her husband, in-laws, and kids. She was not happy with her marriage, not permitted to do a job, fed up with managing household chores, and making no use of her Master’s Degree.

She was unable to handle the tantrums from her infant and toddler, and at one point she started taking out her anger and frustration on her kids. Being anxious about her behaviour, her parents arranged for a maid at her marital family for her help. She was mentally so weak that there was no hope or happiness in her words. I felt so broken and guilty that we were not able to keep each other updated on our lives.

Men always maintain friendships. It’s time women prioritize their friendships too!

This is just one incident that I know of. Likewise, how many others there were is an impossible task to judge.  I always wonder, is it just for us, ladies, that we do not get time to keep our friendships. Or is it just about our priorities?

I have always seen all the men in the family are able to spend time with their friends. It is about time women prioritize themselves and their friendships!

Check up your college friend…they may be waiting for your call!

Prioritize and love yourself, find time for your little happiness, and spend time with your friends. Do not get accustomed to the monotonous routine life throws at you.

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Well, that was a wake-up call for me, you do not have to wait for yours. Get going, catch up with your loved ones and friends. Someone out there must be waiting for a friendly chat.

Image source: Still from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna 

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