Neha Chawla

Neha Chawla is the Founder of NGOStory. A passionate writer and social educationist, she has been working for many NGOs and foundations conducting awareness programs for psychological well being and children empowerment. An Arts graduate from Daulatram College, Delhi University and an MBA in HR from Amity Business School, Neha has worked in different gamuts of HR for companies like HCL and Innorenovate Solutions. Apart from authoring two books, Neha also writes for many women oriented platforms to support gender equality and work-life balance. Happy to contribute on this platform. Thanks, Neha Chawla

Voice of Neha Chawla

5 Tips To Keep Calm During COVID-19 Lockdown

These are tried and tested, my way of responding to the lockdown. This has given me tremendous positivity and calmness to continue sailing in this tough time.

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5 Tips for New Mothers Going Back To Work

Women going back to work after starting a family means playing a number of roles. However, it need not be as difficult with these five tips!

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Why Rape?

A womans anguish towards rape with her heart going out to the victims.

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Who Is Stopping You? Fear?

Almost everything we are associated with, be it situations or relationships, there is always insecurity or fear that if things will change, how badly your life will be impacted.

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Parents, This Exam Time Be Flexible For Your Children!

All these scores eventually become trivial in the long run. What is more vital is how well one places his thoughts and passion towards achieving what one wants.

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Should You Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday At An Orphanage?

Is celebrating your child's birthday in an orphanage the right thing to do? The author believes that it may affect the children at the orphanage negatively. Read on!

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Which School Is Best For Your Child- Millennial School Or Traditional School

Which school is best for your child- The Traditional one or the Millennial one? Read on to know what the author feels.

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Its Time We Celebrate Her!

Women have been made to live a submissive life for centuries now. It's time to celebrate their capabilities, desires, identity, and freedom.

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Ladies, Be The Change You Want To be! Heart To Heart From One Multitasker To Another

We all are multitaskers but in the midst of delivering everything in an "apt way," we tend to change or lose ourselves.Take a look at this account on life by one such multitasker.

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