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Ladies, Be The Change You Want To be! Heart To Heart From One Multitasker To Another

Posted: October 18, 2018

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

We all are multitaskers but in the midst of delivering everything in an “apt way,” we tend to change or lose ourselves. Take a look at this account on life by one such multitasker.

I often feel chained down and burdened adapting to varied so-called “perfect role” for all relationships in my life. Understanding the busy schedule of my partner, the demanding nature of my job, the fragility of my kids and with all this, in the end, having no time for myself. Multitasking each of these roles and delivering it little close to perfection is what makes us a multitasker and I am sure all of us go through this phase and in one or the other time carry this burden of guilt of not being able to deliver all in these in the so-called “apt way”.

The problem here is that we women are too harsh on ourselves and lenient when empathizing with others. So to give it a better perspective I am narrating a little story of my everyday struggles. It involves embracing and falling down and rising again with a hope that this touches your heart in a minuscule way and changes your attitude towards your self.

“Why does this road gets jammed after every little rain pour! Ah… I will again get late to pick Aarav”

“Mommy, I need to pee! now!”, my 3-year-old toddler retorted. We will reach school soon honey let me put the radio on for you so that you can listen to your favourite songs.

I hurriedly park the car outside my son’s school and find him waiting at the school reception for me. “Mommy, you are again late today, can’t you finish your office calls after you pick me from school?”

“I will pick you on time from tomorrow, now quickly get into the car”

In this 20 mins drive from his school to home, I plan everything pertaining to my work (I freelance as an HR consultant and Content writer); the content for my client’s website, closing talent positions for my clients etc) The rest of the day also has to be planned as per Aarav’s after-school activities and Shanaya’s (my daughter) park time.

As if this was not exciting enough, I am also preparing for an international competitive exam. Not forgetting to mention, I am also the coordinator for the total work execution of our new house bought in another part of the city. So basically, I am a hand’s full woman juggling daily to meets the needs or rather master the execution as stated under different roles.

“You need to work harder for a good score”, my husband said bluntly

“Also, did you check on Aarav’s new tennis coach?”

A minute later,” Did you coordinate with the property dealer, guess he won’t negotiate at the given amount”

All this time, I keep telling myself that “All is Well and I can do it!”

So this little life detail of mine would have set a picture in your mind about the daily multitasking that I do. I perform several roles and a lot of times I embrace many roles at once. The only problem is when all these roles and relationships forget to empathize with you and want you to change yourself in every possible way. An MBA in HR helps me freelance as an HR consultant (It makes me stay connected to my field); my passion for reading and writing helps me to freelance as a content writer. Both these roles amalgamate my professional identity. A mother of two kids and a wife of a very busy spouse (mostly travelling) amalgamates my personal existence.

The folly here is that in embracing all of this I tend to lose myself and I guess a lot of us go through this because to deliver all the roles perfectly we start to change ourselves. We need to understand that accepting yourself and celebrating it every day is the best thing we can do for yourself. Don’t change for others, change for yourself; do something which makes you happy. For me, reading a book, watching an episode on Netflix, getting ready for a coffee with a close friend or even sitting in the balcony with “no thinking” is a break. So take a break from all the roles and spend some time to understand yourself better.

In the end, all I will say is that ladies, don’t be harsh on yourself. You are your best and with the positive force, you can achieve anything! This is a bye from one multitasker to other for now because I recently added another task on my list, learning guitar and this time this is something for myself.

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