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Who Is Stopping You? Fear?

Posted: March 22, 2019

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Amidst all trials and tribulations of a Modern life, there is this internal battle which we combat for survival. Something which infests our mind day in and day out, something which doesn’t allow us to take the first step, something which makes you feel bad about yourself if you fail…the most deadly enemy… Fear!

Fear is an emotional cancer that slowly takes away all the positive strength from your relationships, career and other aspects of lifestyle. It comes with a garb of protecting you but in reality, it silently makes you feeble.

Why do you have insecurities in relationships? What fear do you have? Will your partner be there forever to support you physically, mentally or emotionally? Will things change if you take responsibility for your career? Who will balance home? Will your partner understand you and be supportive enough?

What will the appraisal bring for me this year? Will I get the role which I asked for? Will I get a good performance rating? Will I be able to maintain the same good rating? What if the boss looks out for a replacement?

When will my children grow? Will they be able to manage once I resume back to work? Is daycare a safe option for my child? Will my in-laws support my career?

What if I fail in my new venture? What will my peers think about me? What if this decision of leaving a stable job proves a nightmare? What if I lose what I have?

What will people think of me if I pursue my passion now? Isn’t it too late to pick my guitar again? Is it the right decision to leave that monotonous desk?

All these sequences of events have a common tie. Fear!

Why are we tormented at the hands of this unpleasant emotion? Why have we become slaves of this superficial master?

The answer lies deep within. We have locked it somewhere and have hidden real identity and aspirations. Almost everything we are associated with, be it situations or relationships, there is always insecurity or fear that if things will change, how badly your life will be impacted. In some cases, this feeling is so strong that it has a severe impact on their health. Health enemies like stress, negativity, fear, hostility take away all the positives from life and leave us alone and powerless.

Don’t let this enemy win. Get up, take the first step. If you have done sufficient at your workplace and relationships, it will be reciprocated in some way sooner or later. If not, don’t fear. Just walk away from everything which makes you feel insecure. Introspect, do what you want and you will gradually see a path for yourself.


Image via Pixabay

Neha Chawla is the Founder of NGOStory. A passionate writer and social educationist, she has

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