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Which School Is Best For Your Child- Millennial School Or Traditional School

Posted: December 6, 2018

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Which school is best for your child- The Traditional one or the Millennial one? Read on to know what the author feels.

I have observed this ongoing debate these days pertaining to two categories of schools: ‘The progressive ones and the traditional ones’. The traditional ones, being the age old ones in the education business are presumed to be stringent and not flexible as per the changing needs and perceptions of the child. The millennial parent seems to be reluctant towards approaching these schools for seeking admission for their children. The progressive or the experiential schools seem to have inculcated the western culture mode of thematic learning based on fun themes and practical approach.

They assure the parent that they are well equipped with the modern ways of teaching and trained faculties and are best sellers in carving their child’s education ship. The millennial parent is well aware of the changing times and how their child is different from their own childhood days. They try hard and apply and reapply in these schools till they seek admission in their definition of the best progressive school. A friend of mine had nearly wasted two years of her child just to seek admission in the top rated progressive school of her district. She and her husband were making relentless efforts towards enrolling her in that school and seemed to be tensed all the time.

Here’s my take- While both the categories of schools are meant to groom the child in the most efficient way, there is yet a difference.

In traditional schools, discipline is the essence and it is taught based on inculcating certain values and attributes.

The millennial schools go with the current trend and competitiveness and promise a stress free learning approach, letting the child what he/she wants to be.

The belief of both these schools of thought is correct but the approach is different. The question is which one to choose. I have two perspectives. My HR background knowledge says that when something new is launched, you need a strong and competitive ingredient for selling it in the market. Only this ensures an effective branding and your product gets a chance to outperform the available established brands. And so comes the new entrant, ‘Millennial school’.

Being a millennial parent but a strong believer in my traditional school grooming, I believe in the traditional way of grooming with discipline first and following a set of rules and regulations.

I am not saying that Millennial schools don’t follow rules or guidelines, they do in their own flexible way. But, their main approach is to be flexible. While I respect being a Millennial, I choose to be a supporter of traditional schooling. Believe in your child. They will come out well whether they study in any school. We all have been groomed in a traditional school and aren’t we doing well in our lives. Yes, we are. With changing times, even the traditional schools are changing and increasing the ratio of extra-curricular and interpersonal activities in their school.

I am not working for any traditional school or branding any school. I am just a common parent like any one of you seeking for an appropriate school for my kids. I have two kids. I have enrolled one in a traditional school and will be enrolling the other in the progressive school. I want to experiment what the outcome is!

Parents, you are doing your best and don’t stress yourself about seeking admission in a particular school. There are numerous successful and established individuals even from small public schools and they are ruling the world. Don’t burn your pockets and your precious time. All schools are good, just make the choice which you feel is best for you.

Image Source: Pixabay

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