5 Tips for New Mothers Going Back To Work

Women going back to work after starting a family means playing a number of roles. However, it need not be as difficult with these five tips!

Women going back to work after starting a family means playing a number of roles. However, it need not be as difficult with these five tips!

As I looked at my coffee mug steaming up, my mind transitions from the park view of my apartment to a work station in a corporate utilising my degree and my talent.

Nah! I am not someone who considers that managing home & kids is a ” just a homemaker” activity. I earnestly believe that I am nurturing lives, raising future generations.

Why do most of us feel guilty about not being able to resume our office jobs? Why do we feel reluctant when our spouse talks about any job opportunity?

The only truth is that we are all Super Women waiting for the world to be a little more empathetic and flexible in understanding us.

There is immense female talent in our country just waiting for the right opportunity. While few of us are fortunate enough to continue the race owing to our flexible employers. But this too comes with some amount of sacrifice.

A male counterpart with low potential often becomes a competition in our way of success majorly because of multiple roles we are playing on the family front. We all know what the problem is. How unfair this disparity is. But this is the case for women in most countries. Enough on this now.

Lets talk solutions:

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Having an employer who understands

Hunt for an employer who understands and believes in the potential of the female talent and offers flexibility & substantial remuneration.

Flexible job doesn’t mean you get paid less

For most of us, when a flexible job is offered there is an underlying that the deployment is often more than the salary. Why? It really doesn’t matter where you contribute from. The concept of a Virtual Assistant  has become very popular these days. US or UK based clients outsource Virtual Assistants from India to manage their calendar and other day to day activities. The remuneration for the same is much higher if we convert in INR as compared to an employer in India. Hence, there should be clearing expectation setting of amount of work done = fair salary paid.

Invest in yourself

Instead of thinking about what you can do once your children grow up or are stable, invest time in yourself. While some of us are fortunate to take help from family members, others always can find some way to balance only if you have the fervour in you

Supportive family = successful woman

A woman is the perpetual support to her family. You have all the rights to expect help from your partner when you want to concentrate on your career or are on the verge of getting things on track. Set expectations of “Giving it back too” on your partner. A supportive husband paves path for a successful woman.

Why wait for second innings?

Why do we have to even wait for the 2nd Innings? In this fast paced digital world of connectivity over boundaries, there is no limit to our ideas and aspirations. Identify the problem in your community, do a SWOT analysis of your strengths & weakness, formulate into a venture and explore yourself. It’s always easier said that done. But remember if you have the potential to nurture lives, you always have that spark in you to nurture your dreams.

Why wait for a decade to play the 2nd Innings? The pitch of life is very rough. You may never know that dearth of knowledge or obsoleteness might make it difficult to win the match in the near future.

Your potential is your asset, no matter if you work virtually or play multiple roles. It is one thing no one can take from you.

Value your self and others will do it eventually. Do not wait for the 2nd Innings ladies, Life is even too short to predict.

Play your best, coz you are and will always be the Super Woman!

Picture credits: Unsplash

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