Kriti Bhardwaj

I am working as Asst Manager in State Bank of India. I have opted for rural posting in Rajasthan in order to be able to understand, engage and serve the people who need public sector services the most. In my course of service, I have realized that through their timeless wisdom, our villages have much to teach us. I went as a banker to "give", I discovered I am an humble receiver daily.

Voice of Kriti Bhardwaj

When Parvathamma Taught Me A lesson in Rural Livelihoods And Urban Demands

"Our personal choices and consumption habits have a far greater impact than we would like to confess." Have you ever thought of how your choices impact rural livelihoods?

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‘Boys Will Be Boys!’ – When Will Defending Harassment Ever Stop?

In the wake of #MeToo there are other trending hashtags like #NotAllMen to take away the focus from what women face everyday. In such a case, how can harassment ever stop?   

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