Jaya Thukral

I have always been keen on writing on topics that move my heart and soul. Professionally, I am an English Language Trainer based out of Delhi.

Voice of Jaya Thukral


A writer's agony over the objectification of women in sexist Bollywood songs

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Let’s Talk About Periods, Why Feel Awkward?

Let's talk about periods, says the author, because why should anyone feel awkward about buying a pad? Bleeding is normal, and people better get used to talking about it!

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A poem which vehemently talks about the prevalent nepotism. Read on!

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Step Out My Love, Because The World Needs One More Rebel!

"Where was inequality," thought the author, when she hadn't yet looked around her. But then she did, and now she asks others to "step out my love, because the world needs one more rebel!"

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Why Are You Living? Or Breathing? Stop!

Women's bodies, minds, lives, souls... are not their own. They are expected to live, exist, just BE only for those who think they own them.

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