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Posted: April 24, 2019

The last time I slept fine

Was years ago

When I didn’t care about

Harshness in the damn world

I didn’t even notice

How everything’s so wrong.

So wrong!


But the last time I slept fine

I was ignorant

Which is def a bad thing to be.

I kept lip syncing

The sexist songs

Because I didn’t realise

How wrong is

‘Chikni Chameli’ and ‘Munni Badnaam’

Or for that matter – Chittiyaan Kalaaiyan

I, hell, danced on this one.


Now, I keep changing the FM

Because every darn song

Sounds sexist

What do you really mean by –

Menu v te picturaan vikha deya kar

Girl, can’t you do it by yourself?

There’s something so wrong with

Rotiyaan paka naal mere gaane gaa’

Why doesn’t everyone realise it?


Such things really need to go

And that’s why I said-

It’s been a while that I slept fine

But you know what?

I feel fine, I feel civilised

I feel educated and I’m all set

To sacrifice the nights

Because I’ll write about it

Some of you’ll read about it

And even if

One of you get influenced,

I’ll sleep well that night.


The image is a still from the movie Roy



I have always been keen on writing on topics that move my heart and soul.

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