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Which Is More Important For Lakshmi—Pursuing Her Dreams Or Babysitting Her Granddaughter?

I love my daughter, no doubt. But I can’t neglect myself. I choose to embrace my desires, dreams, no matter how trivial they may sound to others. I need this—my independence and happiness for my mental well-being. 

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What Does A Woman's Clothes Have To Do With A Child's Upbringing?
What Does A Woman’s Clothes Have To Do With A Child’s Upbringing?

One of them said, "I think the mom should spend her time paying attention to her child's upbringing instead of dressing up and applying makeup."

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President Murmu’s Visits Meenakshi Temple: A Home Of Myths!
President Murmu Visits Meenakshi Temple: A Home Of Myths!

President Draupadi Murmu prayed at the historic Meenakshi Sundareshwarar temple at Madurai. Do you know the myth of Goddess Meenakshi?

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DDLJ Re-released For V-Day But Why I Preferred Pathaan Instead

As a mother to two teenage children, I’d rather let them watch the movie ‘Pathaan’ than ‘DDLJ’, and here are the reasons why.

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25-Year-Old Woman In Chennai Commits Suicide Due To Domestic Abuse
25-Year-Old Domestic Violence Victim Succumbed To Burn Injuries In Chennai

Tamil Nadu, a 25-year-old woman succumbed to injuries due to burns in a hospital. In her dying declaration, she told the police that she was unhappy with her marriage and received no support from her parents as well.

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Unlike In Gatta Kusthi, Will Indian Husbands Actually Encourage Their Wife’s Dreams?

Most Indian men still want a bride who is fair skinned, younger than them, less educated than them, well trained in household and daughter in law duties. Will they encourage her dreams?

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